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☆Phantasy Star Online 2 DD Matoi☆

I swear Volks is coming out with new dolls at the speed of light! Just when everyone was reeling from all the new DDs here is Phantasy Star Online 2 DD Matoi! She’ll be available as a presale product at Hometown Dolpa Sendai 2 in August and available as a lottery event online at a later date. Be sure to check with Volks online for further updates. These wonderful images come to us via the official DD Twitter feed


The second is the ‘fufu’ part: a small tsu is not pronounced and acts to double a consonant (Ie ポプ is popu but ポップ is poppu (and how the English word Pop would be spelled) but it can also be a signal that the vowel is cut short on the preceding letter. (You frequently seen in manga someone saying あっ rather than just あ to signify the ‘a’ is more abrupt (Ie from surprise) so in this case it’s fufu with a shorter second ‘u’ sound. It’s onomatopoeia for gentle laughing. I’d probably translate fufu as ‘teehee’ and maybe ‘Genki?’ As ‘how are you?’ (Special thanks to the lovely Torino for this awesome tip!)






… and her bonus costume! This beautiful girl seems to have TONS of other costumes in game (unsurprisingly) so let’s hope that we see more of her in the future!


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