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Winners of the Volks USA FCS Poll!

Everyone at is pleased to announced the winners of the Volks USA FCS Poll Contest:

Chobittum and sirenawitch

tangle Teezer

❤ They have each won a gold Tangle Teezer! ❤


Thank you so much to everyone who participated and we look forward to hosting our next giveaway soon!


Update: I’m happy to say that the poll has offically come to a close. This only means that I have sent in the information I have gathered to Volks USA and they have been kind enough to send back this repsonse:

Dear Nakita and everyone at Tenshi no Mon,

Thank you so much for your heartfelt email to us!

We are so glad that so many have been enjoying our latest efforts, and we will continue working hard to support the doll community with more entertainment in the future!

It really touches our hearts that on your own, you have gone to such lengths not only for VOLKS, but for the entire doll community here as well!

We thank you for going to the trouble of providing this information to us, and hope that your fans and followers truly appreciate your efforts on their behalf.

As always, please keep an eye out on our Facebook page for announcements concerning the next Online FCS! ;D



VOLKS USA Web Service Team


We weren’t expecting a response but I am sincerely happy one was sent- at least I know they received my e-mail. Will there actually be one of our top choices from our FCS list next time? Who knows! It’s not about the results but about the journey and we have loved running the contest and sharing our passion for Volks USA online FCS with all of you.


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