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❀ Tenshi no Sato’s 14th Anniversary Fair ❀

Exciting news for Volks VS/VP members in Japan- this weekend is the 14th Anniversary Fair at Tenshi no Sato– and there’s a lot to be excited about! All of the exciting information can be found on Volks Japan’s site dedicated the the event located here. As usual the English version only has the event dates in English so there’s a few pieces that are so charming, they begged for a translation:

Tenshi no Sato 4th Anniversary Fair

As indicated in the image one of the best things coming from this anniversary fair is the beautiful, SDMidi Una! She’s darling with her white skin and pink cheeks. She’d be hard to resist, that’s for sure! Since this is a special two day event at Tenshi no Sato, there’s lots of other beautiful things to look forward to as well:

Tenshi no Sato 4th Anniversary Fair


It’s much more than ordinary flowers- these special flower arrangements are done by season and celebrate the seasonal beauty of each flower. They make a spectacular backdrop for the artwork of Super Dollfie and the people who wish to photograph them!


Tenshi no Sato 4th Anniversary Fair


Of course, SDM Una will be available for sale. There is an indication in a change to her sales method which is undoubtedly related to the Nihonbashi Takashimaya incident in Kyoto. Thanks to Volks’ changes in policy people who attend the event will have a decent chance to welcome her! Good luck all~


Tenshi no Sato 4th Anniversary Fair


As a special thank you to owners who are participating in the 20th anniversary events Volks is giving away special cookies packages at their reception counter! Supplies are limited so don’t forget to pick them up. ❤



Tenshi no Sato 4th Anniversary Fair

It’s uncertain if Kasumi will be on display but her announcement for the sale method will happen during this event. It looks like her actual sale will be at the end of the month on the weekend of June 24th.



Tenshi no Sato 4th Anniversary Fair

This super cute version on Komami is a stamp meant to commemorate your visit to Tenshi no Sato during this auspicious celebration. What a lovely way to remember a very special trip to Tenshi no Sato! Stamp collections can be a very fun way to celebrate beautiful memories~



Tenshi no Sato 4th Anniversary Fair

Finally one of my favorites, the coordinate models! It looks like the featured sculpts this time are SDM Shiratori, SDM F48 and SDM F20. All come in special outfits for the event and ready to go home with lucky visitors that very day. Instant gratification! ❤



Tenshi no Sato 4th Anniversary Fair


Last but certainly not least there is the One-off lottery during the event. These dolls have not been announced quite yet but I’d keep an eye on the Volks Instagram feed as that is usually the first place it is revealed.





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