Zero Tolerance on Bullying

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Apologies to my readers for this non dolly post but I take bullying seriously -all kinds- and I wanted to take a moment to address what is going on here at Tenshinomon.com in a very outward manner and calling it what it is.


So recently there’s been a bit of dislike over my questioning of an adjective used to describe vocaloid Luka’s voice as ‘husky’. I laughed because I thought it sounded like a department at JC Penny- this is actually something I stand by and can laugh about. 

Unfortunately, this has offended an individual who goes by the handle Torino. I have never had an interaction with this individual prior to these events. Sadly they have chosen to send various hateful comments posing as separate users in an attempt to intimidate, bully, degrade and offend the admin of this website by pretending to be a larger group of people upset with the content of the site than what they really are- the vocal minority.

Let’s cut straight to the chase: tenshinomon.com has zero tolerance for online bullying- whether it is our staff or someone else. If you have a problem with content please contact us directly. If you choose to hide in the shadows and try to intimidate us, it doesn’t work nearly as well as if you just talked to us directly to express your feelings.

We’ve worked with Torino and accepted their apology for their actions. We’ve retracted the information they requested from the original post (though it is information they have publicly posted themselves) as a result of them being willing to come forward, own their actions and apologize. 

Please understand that if anyone insists on continuing, participating, perpetuating more drama on this topic: these attempts will be ignored. 

So let’s end this rather long post with the lovely and talented titan of comedy Meghan Mullally:

The more you know, people~

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I have left  the original post addressing the specific behavior in question:

Torino’s original comments have not been published on the post where they left them as per our ‘Zero Tolerance on Bullying’ Stance. No one at Tenshi no Mon indulges that behavior.

IScreen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.01.43 PM had already responded to the original post telling me that they disagreed with my opinion on the website but this didn’t stop them from making additional posts posing as other people. Here’s the first post as “another user with the fake e-mail avianate@gmail.com”:

“So….like Luka’s voice then? Seriously, it kinda rubs me the wrong way that you’d call something a typo without fact-checking first.”

The way this is worded in the email from Volks USA says that Luka is HUSKY not her voice. The grammatical structure is where the typo lies, not the word itself. It is a typo in English. I already explained this to you when you were using your ‘original’ handle. I simply disagree with the structure of the sentence because it means Luka is husky- not her voice. 

Then you left this special comment pretending to be yet another user with the fake email “arialbold@gmail.com” on the ‘Volks USA Closing” article:

“Shitty click bait. Please don’t do this, it reflects terribly on this website, although it’s full of inaccuracies anyway.”

Clickbait would imply I make money off of the traffic to this website. I don’t. I write this website for the fans of Volks and I always try to provide the most up to date information I can. It’s said clearly that this is a ‘Tip’ post and one based on what’s being said by a reliable source. When writing pieces on controversial topics writers don’t always reveal the details about their sources because it would be damaging to that source.

You are free to draw your own conclusions with the caveats I am put in the article in place- I encourage people to think for themselves.  

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So let’s take a look at you, Torino, now that you’ve evaluated my efforts:

 I love that you challenge me to be better. I now ask you to do the same with yourself and your actions. I’d like to believe you know better than to invent different handles in an attempt to bully people online. Cyberbullying is ugly and doesn’t suit someone who makes such beautiful contributions to the doll community and the art world.  Just write me directly my contact information is here. I am happy to talk to you about edits over e-mail. It’d be way more productive than all this silly ‘cloak and dagger’ malicious comment posting.

 I think under other circumstances we might be friends: I like historical trivia, tsundere crybaby characters in anime AND paranormal shenanigans! I really do like Luka even though we disagree about the adjective used for her appearance. I also congratulate you on your many sales on your etsy store, your 6 year old lovely Deviant Art account and a beautiful Pixiv site that is filled with amazing art. ❤ I think that’s so cool you have a dedicated fandom that builds you up instead of tearing your work down. 

What I have trouble understanding is why someone so talented and successful online would feel the need to come to our page and pretend to be different people in an attempt to demoralize me and tear us down? 

You can actually be anonymous at BJD confessions and pretend to be lots of different people there and complain- but don’t come onto my site and spam me with hate while pretending to be different people. Come on. I can see information on who posts and where they are posting from. There’s lots to learn online about someone.

I hope you have a beautiful day and I would love to hear from you via e-mail in the future if you have constructive criticism. I’m disheartened by your behavior but I do forgive you for it. I am sincere in wishing you well no matter what you do in the future. I know we all have our weaknesses but we have the ability to correct them too.

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥


3 thoughts on “Zero Tolerance on Bullying

  1. Then we have a very different definition of what constitutes bullying I’m afraid.

    Yup. Okay. We do. Did you know I can even edit inside the comments if I want to? I thought it would be easier than trying to go back and forth in the comments section. EIC@tenshinomon responses are in bold within this post.

    It’s true I check the confessions blog but I’m there to respond to confessions. You can’t try to pretend I’m a bad person for being there when you’ve let it slip that you look there too.

    I was there because someone once wrote something really lovely about me and helping them. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in the hobby, actually. You can look it up if you like. I never went back because most of the site is pretty negative and I find it boring and unimportant.

    I condemn most of the confessions there because they are legitimate bullying against people who can’t defend themselves and I, like you I would hope, have zero tolerance for that. If you look at my responses to the ugliest confessions you could see that. I don’t think that makes me a hypocrite.

    I’ve seen your character in your hiding and your responses and in inability to offer a single, real apology. I’m cool, thanks.

    I expect there may be more confessions about you now, but I won’t be writing them, in case you wish to blame me.. I have a strict ‘positive or funny anecdote’ only rule for any confessions I post there and even though I’m disappointed with you, I can say that here and if there.

    Yeah, as I mentioned before: I generally don’t care about those sites. Confess away if you want to! I’m good with it.

    You’re right, I could have looked away. In fact that’s what I did when I first discovered this site a year or so ago. It simply wasn’t worth the effort to be petty over misspelled Japanese terms because at the end I’d the day it doesn’t hurt anyone, even if it’s in a site claiming to be a credible source.

    I would have really appreciated a native speaker giving me a correction on the site! That would have been super helpful. I wish you had written me with that information. Oh, we just went public in March of this year so you didn’t discover this site “a year or so ago.”


    Also this is a Volks fan site that features news about Volks. This is a personal blog which means you have no say here on any topic in any capacity unless you are a member of the staff. If you do not like the content then please feel free to go somewhere else. We’ll still be here.

    But I responded to this because your bias against volksusa was transparent to me. There’s the possibility that it was never your intended tone and I misread it if course.

    Not the intended tone. I’m good with Volks USA.

    But this I want to know.

    Sure. Go Ahead.

    Would my comments still be bullying if they were all from the same name? Or are they bullying because I said something you didn’t like? Was it bullying because I said the word ‘shitty’?

    It’s particularly offensive because you are hiding and refusing to own your own words. You hide and pretend to be multiple people who hate the content of the website and pantomime a much larger group dissenting with the content in an act of intimidation other than just admitting to being the vocal minority. I don’t care about the words you use or your criticism. I think if you had used the same handle I’d have more respect for you because you would stand behind your convictions.

    You are still making out like I have absolutely slandered you when only one of the comments was ‘ugly’, and they were sentiments shared by others on this blog.

    You’re getting off topic. No one else made multiple accounts and posed as other people in order to post negative comments.

    I also ask why you aren’t taking your own advice. If the comments offended you so badly, why not contact me? Why NOT ban me?

    Well, we’re headed there for sure, right? I was actually curious to see what you had to say for yourself. I wanted to see your level of self awareness of your actions and if there was any way to make things better. I can see you’re still pretty angry but you have no one but yourself to blame for your own actions that set off this crazy train trip.

    It seems counterproductive to preach about bullying while bullying me; I’m a random user like you say. You are a news source.

    Just to clarify this misunderstanding: we’re a Volks fan blog.

    There is a clear difference in power here and expected ettuquette. And there’s an obvious difference between comments or an article and an entire article itself.

    Yeah, I think what you’re trying to say here is that you don’t feel like your behavior should have been pointed out. That I should have just accepted your hate comments and ignored you. I am thinking what makes you the most upset is that you are being held accountable for your crap behavior on the internet today.

    I’m not saying I don’t take responsibility for dumb comments, that’s on me.

    Still not an apology.

    I’m saying this is a disproportionate and alarming way to respond to criticism, and I’m not alone in thinking so. And no, while I am aware of some people defending me and I’m sure they are great people I do want to be friends with, I don’t know them well enough to call them that, so I don’t appreciate the insinuation that they are blindly defending me out of loyalty.

    I can’t impress upon you how much I don’t care what other people think. Especially people who are into defending someone who pretends to be a much larger group of people in order to intimidate others.

    At the end of the day, you are offended over people criticizing your journalism. It’s clearly struck a nerve. How you respond to it says more about yourself than the people doing the criticizing.

    Nope. Not journalists. We’re bloggers here and entitled to our own opinions are you are to yours. Gosh, you’re making a lot of assumptions.

    One thing I will promise you though- I will never, ever seek out you on any of your multiple websites/deviantart/pixiv/tripadvisor/etc and harass you in your comments over or over your REAL email. That, at the end of the day, is what does make me the bigger person. I don’t go to other people’s website’s unsolicited and attack them over their content.

    I would, obviously, much rather handle things head on.

    Ultimately you don’t like your handle being attached to crap behavior. Now you’ve learned that you can’t always get away with shady actions on the internet.

    Sometimes you get called out.


  2. Me and the writer of this post have been having an interesting and civil discussion over email and are working towards a resolution. I appreciate them getting in touch with me.
    I apologize for the tone and words I had used, and the two alternate accounts. To reiterate what I says in the email my primary motivation, even if misguided, was to defend VolkUSA rather than to attack Tenshinimon. But I was out of line with my methods.
    If Tenshinomon wishes, they can change those accounts to make it clear they came from me (if this is possible). There was obviously a better way to go about this, and I fully own up to that.


    1. Thank you so much, I see where you are coming from. I am really glad we could work this out together and that you wrote me directly asking for help. I am always more than happy to respond when people contact me directly and rationally.

      I also understand how personally people are taking this site and the content- something I did not realize before. It’s very easy to write about something day in and day out and -when there isn’t a lot of comments/traffic- you assume that people just aren’t paying that close attention. We had no idea we could trigger someone with what we thought was a laughable mistake in a Volks USA newsletter editing snafu.

      I can see now that you are very concerned with tone- something we will all work on in the future for your sake.

      For the record: We love Volks with all out hearts and will do better by them in forthcoming posts. However… If they call another doll husky, we’ll probably still have a good laugh about it!


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