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Volks USA Closing?!

It’s been overheard in some circles of folks reasonably close to management that Volks USA will be shuttering it’s doors in the coming year. Unsurprisingly, the rumored reasoning are slow/low sales from the North American region. (You’re in this too Canada and Mexico!) Closing the service center in the USA would follow a year behind the Volks Korea Sumika shuttering its doors.

Interestingly this news following the announcement of their “new offices” in the USA which look like little more than a storage facility.

What does this mean for Super Dollfie lovers? Well, this is still just a *rumor* so don’t expect any closing dates announced too soon. I am also thinking that orders for LE items will all be done through Volks International for the future. This may be a good thing because with the recent Volks “event” being nothing more than a ‘clickwar’ the lottery system of the Volks international seems a lot more appealing.

The future of online FCS? That’s a more interesting question. I’m predicting that an online FCS catalog will be introduced for the entire Volks market with sales based out of Volks International. It will use the same limited options with predetermined make-up and options. Special option items and angel parts will still be reserved for Tenshi no Sato and Mado on a continued/seasonal basis. The reason for thinking this is that Volks USA, even if sales were not through the roof, determined that this was a viable way of conducting online FCS.

I’m really hoping this is not the end of Volks USA. Still, better order that FCS doll you have your eye on if you want her/im!

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2 thoughts on “Volks USA Closing?!

  1. Do you have a source for this rumor? Sorry, but it seems like a large suggestion to make without any evidence.


    1. Unfortunately, there are no details about the source to be offered to the general public other than what is already mentioned in the post. We at tenshinomon.com absolutely encourage people to think for themselves and draw their own conclusions. Thanks so much for reading the website!


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