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Miku Expo x Dollfie Dream

In a nice bit of news for Dollfie Dream fans: Volks USA is hosting a LE rerelease of their popular Vocaloid lineup!

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.02.06 PM

The web event will be on June 29rd through July 23rd and will feature the dolls pictured above plus Snow Miku as well. There’s been no ominous announcement of ‘first come first serve’ and the long release period, it’s fairly safe to assume this will be a preorder event. Limited outfit will also be available as well.

Volks has announced this as a companion event coinciding with the L.A. event Anime Expo.

There was one particularly delightful typo in the e-mail announcement:

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.01.43 PM

So, Luka’s not husky. Not even remotely. Just sayin’. She’s not even a DDdy! Perhaps Volks USA meant ‘dusky’. The plushie of her is a little husky, I suppose! To clarify people complains the way this is worded in the email it says Luka is HUSKY not her voice. The grammatical structure is where the typo lies, not the word itself.

Wait, before you go I think we all need a little Mandy Patinkin….

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.07.36 PM

10 thoughts on “Miku Expo x Dollfie Dream

      1. Husky is commonly used to refer to Luka. That’s even how they describe her in japaneae. I have never heard any other meaning than pertaining to voice…?


      1. Agreed. It still stirkes me as a funny word choice as ‘husky’ generally means when pertaining to voice as something that sounds like an “utterance” or sounding low-pitched and slightly hoarse with the synonyms being sounding low-pitched and slightly hoarse. Since the synonyms include gravelly, hoarse, croaky, rough, guttural, harsh, & raspy I generally think of Tom Waits before I think of describing a Vocaloid!

        Still I suppose she has a deeper voice than most! 😉

        My issue here specifically is that the way it is worded in the e-mail it says LUKA is husky- not her voice. That’s the typo!


  1. Had to come and see this post for myself after the other one — so, adjective placement in English is a more forgiving thing than you might think, especially with context in play. If i said “the deep singer” rather than “the deep voiced singer”, context of the word ‘deep’ makes it clear that I mean his singing voice is deep, rather than that he is deep underground or in the ocean! In the same way, the context of husky here (“the husky bilingual singer”) functions exactly as the context of deep did in my example, and for the same reason clearly refers to her singing voice! Unless “the deep singer” might read as ‘a singer deep underneath something’ to some people ^^; but that seems unlikely.

    (What’s more, since you mention you’re surprised even her voice would be called husky, female singers don’t have to sound like Tom Waits to get this descriptor, just a little bit deep and soulful — many, many people describe Stevie Nicks’ songs with this word!)

    So, not a typo, just the wonderful fluidity of English grammar 🙂 I won’t press the issue if you still disagree, though ^^


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