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It’s been a little while since I posted an artist interview and I am very pleased to showcase an amazing artist that I follow closely. Her work is well known on Instagram and brings a soft, detailed, lifelike look to all the exquisite Dollfie Dreams she works upon. I invite you to enjoy this lovely insight into the world of the amazing X3ash

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Akira***Interview Start***


What is your name/handle:

My name is Ashley but I usually go by x3ash, x3ashley or LovelyDollie ^__^

Where are you from:

I’m from Australia 🙂

How long have you been in the hobby:

I’ve been in the hobby since 2009 (almost a decade, the time has flown by!)

Where can we find you online:




Nails (2)

When did you first begin collecting Volks Dolls:

I got into Volks Dolls maybe around 4 years ago, after I found the Dollfie Dream lottery through the international Volks website.

What was your first Volks Doll:

My first Volks doll was Haruka Niimi, but unfortunately I wasn’t very familiar with the SD size back then and jumping straight into the dynamite body was a bit much for me. I ended up getting into the DDS size instead, and I find it suits my tastes a lot more 🙂


What is your favorite Volks sculpt and why?

That’s such a hard question haha. Im not sure that I could honestly pick just one! I think my favourites in the Vinyl side are Mariko and Arle, I love Mariko’s open mouth and Arle’s adorable smile. On the resin side Lieselotte is definitely my top pick, because of her chubby cheeks and big eyes 🙂

DDH-07 - MikuWhat other dolls do you collect:

I collect Azone dolls as well as DD. I have nendoroids but I’m not sure if that counts haha. I used to collect resin dolls but for the last few years I’ve been mostly DD, and I’m hoping to get back into the resin side soon to have a combination of both.

There are many aspects of BJDs that engage people, what first drew you to the hobby (examples: photography, fashion, design, painting, etc):

Photography is what first drew my eye to the hobby. I did art throughout my schooling and used deviantart a lot for referencing material for my studies. It was there that I came across photos of BJD that intrigued me to look into what the beautiful dolls I saw there were! What prompted me to take the plunge into ownership was the ability to customise, style and change up dolls to make them any character you like. The versatility constantly amazes me and I find it’s such a fun creative outlet.

What inspires you:

I think my inspiration comes from seeing so many other talented artists or collectors. I want to create dolls that I find beautiful to add to this unique hobby. The people that commission or purchase from me also give me so much inspiration. I absolutely love receiveing messages from happy people sending photos of the dolls in their new homes. I get kind messages from lovely customers and it really makes my day knowing they are happy, and pushes me to improve more.

Nails (with custom head and ear piercing)

What items (if any) have you created for the doll hobby? This can include clothing, eyes, face-ups, etc. please feel free to include pictures
I have created clothing, wigs, manicures and face-ups, subtractive modifications and ear piercings. I’ve done partial face-up additions as well, such as adding open mouth with teeth to Ranka’s default faceup (photo attached)
In the future I would love to do video tutorials and possibly open a Patreon to share some of my knowledge around nail extensions, face-ups and other crafts.

DDH-07Do you prefer resin or vinyl? Why or why not:

This is difficult because it’s so subjective and they are so different. For posing, vinyl is hands down better for me. The joints and posing is fluid with no snap back or kicking like resin dolls. However I find the more realistic faces and delicate features like hands and sculpted nails very appealing in resin dolls.

What would you like to see Volks focus on in the future? (It can be a doll line, new innovations or accessories):

Id love to see Volks broaden their skin tone range on an international scale and also create a bigger variety of accessories that are available not just in full sets (such as earrings, plushies, and other accessories)

Have you visited Volks in Japan or other location? What was your experience?:

I have visited Volks in Japan on a few occasions! I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Japan twice and I’ve been to the Tenshi No Sato store/mueseum/garden, as well as the Harajuku Volks and Akihabara Dollpoint.

The staff have always been very friendly and the stores are always stocked with so many goodies. I was pleasantly surprised to see they also have non Volks items sold there (such as clothing, eyes, etc). I loved having the ability to look at items in person before buying them as I don’t have that luxury in Australia with doll items.

Akira - Closeup

If you could give advice to someone just entering the hobby, what would you tell them:

Do some research and try not to take things too seriously. It’s easy to get excited and impulse buy, but it’s very important to make sure you look into different companies and options to find the right doll(s) for you. Entering a new hobby can be incredibly daunting but it’s all supposed to be fun!

DDH-07 - Miku (closeup)

Omake! (Bonus Questions!)

What is your favorite meal/restaurant:

It’s so hard to choose! I don’t think I have a favourite restaurant but I absolutely love Mexican and Japanese food. It’s hard to pick because I like finding a new quaint cafe to sit at on a cold day or eating at a new place. I don’t think I could pick a specific place because I love so many haha.

What is your favorite color:

Blue, although purple is really growing on me lately!

What is your astrological sign:

I’m a Leo

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A super HUGE thank you to x3ash for participating in this interview for us. It is an honor and a pleasure to feature your amazing work on our website. ❤ All images offered on are shared with the owner’s permission All material is linked back to their website. Thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “٭Artist Spotlight٭

  1. That’s was very nice to read about her! I really love her work! She has such a beautiful style. I have an 09 painted by her that is my Durarara OC. And I just love her I think she’s one of my more popular girls!


  2. I really love this artist. It’s nice to read more about her. She has a lovely style I can always spot one of her heads that she’s painted. She painted my 09 Who is my Durarara OC. And I think she is one of my more popular girls!


    1. I couldn’t agree more. She really makes the most gorgeous artwork. I don’t think I have seen your OC before! I need to check it out. I love Durarara!

      Also as an aside… have always loved your avatar! SoTN ftw! I hope you ordered IGA’s new title coming out for the Switch and other consoles. I am so excited he’s back making fantastic games again. *^^*


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