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★Dolpa 39 News Roundup★

Volks Dolpa 39

Hi everyone!

Thanks for your patience- I’ve been going through a big move recently (another home!) so everything kind of went on hiatus for a little bit. It’s tough because being right before dolpa there’s so many amazing announcements. A HUGE thank you to River and Chobittum for keeping me on course and helping with all of the crazy news coming from Volks these days. Tenshi no Mon is definitely a much better website because of their assistance.


Let’s take a look at some of the major announcements happening at Dolpa 39!


Volks Dolpa 39DD Luka will be released at this dolpa and the fervor for her is tremendous! I am guessing that she’ll be available afterwards pretty readily so I wouldn’t worry too much if you miss out on her first run. She’s definitely a darling girl, right? The big news is that she will come with a special plushie with this release at Dolpa 39.


Volks Dolpa 39

The LE Macross DD preorder girls will have a special release at Dolpa 39. If you missed out on their preorder, they’ll have a number of outfits and the girls themselves for sale at the venue. Most of their outfits will be available too so if you missed out on one you liked, this may be your chance to pick it up!



Dear SD are coming back. They’ll be release in the ‘My Deer Garden” set. It looks like the releases are Kira, Nana, Nono, SWD Nono, Coco, & Megu. It’s a pretty large DSD release! They’ll come in the newer styled ‘doll house’ box that you can set up to be a playhouse for your new girl.

Volks Dolpa 39

Volks Dolpa 39The Dolpa 39 charity project includes the CUTEST Komame carry buckets. Included inside is a special present for your Dollfie. One thing about the carry buckets is that the theme changes per dolpa. This one is the ‘thank you’ theme and it is adorable! I am a head over heels for a cute Komame bucket! The presents inside range from charming shirts, shoes or books. The money spent will be donated to the Volks One for All campaign.

Volks Dolpa 39


There is also, of course, the most beautiful One-Offs for the event that have been posted to the Volks Instagram. The usual suspects are all present including the most glorious Shinku and Suigintou. This dolpa’s outfit theme for One-Off is ‘Harajuku’ in honor of the two stunning new LE dolls: Mia and Lucia.

Volks Dolpa 39


Volks Dolpa 39

Finally there’s wonderful news for Volks patrons who intend on buying one of the new SDGr girls. You’ll be provided with special parts order forms for the options hand parts- this is pretty standard fare. The exciting news is that customers will be able to apply for special blushed hand parts for both girls. Volks has offered this service before but never in connection to a mail order- they had to be purchased at the venue.



Volks Dolpa 39


It’s exciting to see that Volks will allow people to order the blushed hands parts after their purchase! In addition parons will also be able to order LE wigs for their girls in the style of either doll. It’s a really lovely bonus for those looking to welcome either new SDGr girl.




So that’s the news for now and it’s all pretty amazing. If Volks Inc has upped their game for their anniversary year they are doing a fantastic job! Please refer to the Dolpa 39 website for more information. Thanks so much for reading (& your patience) as always and please look forward to more posts in the future~



As always images offered on are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. Thank you for reading!




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