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♬Volks DDS Primula Production Survey♬

By River/Edited by Tenshi no Mon

Special thanks to contributor River for showing us more of this amazing girl! I really hope we are able to see her release outside of Japan because she looks AMAZING! ❤

In the days leading up to Dolpa 39, Volks has made another exciting announcement: At the event, they will hold a “DDS Primula Production Survey” to gauge interest in a DD version of their original character Primula from their VLOCKer’s FIORE line of hobby kits.

Primula Prototype

A prototype of DDS Primula was first shown at Joint Festival 6 / Dolpa 38 last year along with her original model kit version, VLOCKer’s FIORE Primula. She was a collaborative model produced by both the Doll Department and the Hobby Department to show fans of Volks different lines the appeal of the other side: VLOCKer’s kits for doll fans, and DD for VLOCKer’s fans. Reception was positive, leading Volks to consider producing an official DD of Primula!

Primula VLOCKers Version

The DDS Primula prototype features an adorable faceup, original design eyes and wig, and custom-made mecha armor to match her VLOCKer’s version. She even has specialty black hands/armored feet made just for her! Isn’t she cute with her mischievous smile? It has been noted that her sculpt looks similar to DDS Ranka Lee and DDS Melty Granite; however, like all Volks DD LEs Primula has an original sculpt.

Primula Prototype full

Sadly, the survey is for attendees only. So if you’re going to attend Dolpa 39, take the opportunity to tell Volks if you’re interested in DD Primula! You can also write Volks USA and let them know you’d love to see this project released internationally!

It would be remiss if I didn’t mention that this project seems to be inspired by the popularity of Danny Choo’s release of Smart Doll Frame Arms Girl Gourai? It is a similar Smart Doll with body armor that was released last year. Regardless if it’s related or not- it is wonderful to see Volks doing something different with their dolls and body armor!


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