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All About New SDGr Girls Lucia and Mia

By Chobittum/Edited by Tenshi no Mon

We’re about two weeks out from the May Dolpa now, so you know what that means – Volks starts releasing more information about what’s going to be available at the event. And it’s especially exciting this time around because of the two beautiful brand new SDGr girls called Lucia and Mia! There’s been a lot of excitement around these ladies on forums, across Instagram and on Facebook, so we are very pleased to finally see exactly who they are. You can see the original Volks pages for Lucia here and for Mia.

Galerie de l'esprit by VOLKS INC

Galerie de l'esprit by VOLKS INCFor a recap, Tenshi’s initial post on the girls explains that they are part of the ongoing Volks Storyline/IP called Harajuku Memories. The storyline isn’t particularly complex (everyone’s just looking forward to meeting everyone else), but it is a nice way to tie all the dolls together neatly even if there doesn’t seem to be an overarching similarity. We also got a glimpse into their personalities as antique shop owners who help lost people find their way (I wonder if this also might be a tentative link to Boy’s Dormitory?).

So without further ado, let’s see the specs on the girls!

Both dolls are painted by the wonderful Volks artist Ciera using Zoukeimura airbrushing equipment, and both are UV coated with the finishing spray.

Obviously as it’s a collaboration with a designer, both girls’ outfits are designed by Galerie de l’esprit. Lucia’s outfit set, named ‘Combinaison de miroir’, consists of: “Miroir” beret; striped ribbon tie; ruffle ribbon blouse; Leather gloves; short pants with suspenders; “Galerie olive” over skirt; shorts; socks and cat leg boots. Mia’s outfit set, named ‘Robe de miroir’, consists of: “Miroir” head dress; striped ribbon tie; ruffle ribbon blouse; skirt with suspenders; “Gallerie Rouge” over skirt; shorts; socks and cat leg short boots.

Volks is calling this line a collaboration but, as confirmed by Jadepixel, the URL for Galerie de l’esprit is owned by Volks Inc. When contacted neither Volks Japan, Volks USA not Galerie de l’esprit had any comment or further contact. Galerie de l’esprit is owned by Volks so this line is considered an ‘internal collaboration’.

Galerie de l'esprit by VOLKS INCLucia’s eye is the HG Glass eye Vermilion with Black line in 18 mm, and Mia’s is the HG Glass eye Bottle Green with Black line in 18mm.

Both wigs are an original and unique style in the DD size, so you won’t find them in the regular Volks stock.

There is a slight difference between the bodies of the dolls – though both are in Pureskin Normal UV Protection and feature the standard SDGr-H-01 hands and switchable heel legs, Lucia’s body features the Small model chest. This is unusual among SDGr releases, and something that is sure to make collectors fancy her especially. I expect body hunters will also try their luck!

Galerie de l'esprit by VOLKS INCBoth girls also come with a special order form for optional hand parts- a service only available to those residing in Japan.

Finally, the price! Lucia’s price is ¥ 97,000 (excluding tax), and Mia’s is ¥ 95,000 (excluding tax). So, you’ll be looking at approximately $USD1000 to bring home one of these beautiful girls. If I’m honest, that is actually less than I was expecting – other fullsets of this nature (such as Lorina) would usually be priced at $USD1200+. So some good news there!

There will be two opportunities to purchase these dolls – one will be at the Dolpa itself on the 5th of May, and the other will be via the After Event Lottery, which will be held on the 26th of May. You can make one entry via the online store or in person at a Sumika/Mado/Sato etc., but please be aware: due to people misunderstanding/not reading what the function of past lotteries were and assuming dolls would be free (and cancelling their purchase when asked to pay for them), Volks has now had to institute a policy of making sure you’ve got the money available when you put in an entry. Consequently, when you place your entry into the lottery, the amount of money available in whichever payment you chose (paypal, credit card, etc.) may be suspended while waiting on the outcome of the draw.

I hope you enjoy these gorgeous new ladies as much as I do, and I am looking forward to seeing them in their new homes in lovely pictures! Good luck and wishes to all those who are going to enter for them in the lottery!


It also appears in the top photo that Mia is sporting manicured hands! We are not sure if this will be a service extended to those living in Japan (likely) or those just attending dolpa but we will update when we know more!



As always images offered on are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. Thank you for reading!


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