New Feature · Super Dollfie

❀Tenshi no Mon New Feature!❀

I am super pleased to announce a new feature that I am currently working on and refining:

❀A Tour of Tenshi no Sato❀

This photo tour came about because I really wanted to see what the inside of Tenshi no Sato is like. Many of us can’t afford a trip to Japan to visit this most special spot. It is living vicariously through the wonderful photography of others that we can learn more about the “hidden” Super Dollfie Lifestyle.

This is why I have built and have been working so hard on it- someone needs to share what makes this particular business and brand of doll so special. I think you’ll agree (by the time you reach the end of the tour if not already) that Volks Inc is a fabulous company that elevates the hobby lifestyle.

I also want to personally thank those who have contributed images without even a second though. These people are  Keripo of Keripo’s Corner and Ksusha. Please support their fantastic blogs by clicking the link on any of the pictures above. All Intellectual Property in these posts belongs to Volks Inc.

Tenshi no mon couldn’t exist without the Volks community sharing and cooperating together to build something beautiful. If you see errors or have photographs to contribute then please contact me! I’m willing to put in the work but it’s all for nothing without your support. ❤

Thanks again and go check out Tenshi no Sato online! Perhaps a virtual tour will inspired YOU to make the journey one day.



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