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*Volks 2018 Product Renewals*

According to this post on Facebook, Volks will be getting two new product renewals for 2018.

VOLKS NEW PRODUCTS 2018The first is a revisiting of “Nice to Meet You Super Dollfie ☆ Makeup Lesson” 2018 Revised Edition! This book was apparently first released in 2013 and has been long sold out on the Volks Website store due to it’s popularity. This particular edition has easy to follow lessons (if you understand Japanese, that is) for beginners who are just starting their journey into the world of Super Dollfie.

The new book has updated information concerning tools and make-up supplies for the novice artist. In addition Volks has added the latest face-ups from Zoukeimura artists and examples of different eye make-up so you can achieve the look you are wishing for. Please note this item is released in Japanese language only. The first few versions will be sold with a bonus sample of Volks new “plant based” make-up remover: Paint Remover Eco Dollfie.


Product Information:

[nice to meet you super dollfie ☆ makeup lesson 2018 Revised Edition]
◆ Size: b5 biàn xíng (18.2 cm x 18.2 cm)
◆ Page Count: 45
◆ Language: Only Japanese
◆ On May 26, 2018 (Sat) Dolpa 39 after event
◆ Price: 1200 Yen (tax included)

Which brings us to our next item! (These two items are going to be simultaneously released to the public)

You know how main stream cleaners have all said ‘We’ve returned to the power of plants!” Well, Volks is no exception. This time they have introduced a gentle make-up remover that uses the “power of plants” to gently remove an SD’s make-up with harsh chemicals for the doll or the owner. It leaves me a bit curious because a) it needs to be odorless and b) Everything is ‘natural’ in the world- i.e. chemicals in general whether synthetic or plant derived work on the same principles. I’m definitely for moving to a more natural solution but I would love to know what make this a healthier option than other items. It’s still a very cool innovation and I appreciate Volks’ sensitivity to the well being of their customers and their employees.


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