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“Macross F” Special Sale

Macross F rerelease!

Did you miss out on DDS Ranka Lee or DD Sheryl Nome?

Good news via the Volks DD blog there’s going to be a special sale for the 10th Anniversary of  Macross F(rontier)! More goos news- it will coincide with the Dolpa 39 After Event and be available via the Volks Website Store for international orders.

Both dolls will be released along with their alternate outfits. Suspiciously Sheryl’s police themed outfit was not featured so perhaps that one will not be available? It remains to be seen~ Still, there’s plenty to be excited about. Here’s the official post and my mediocre translation follows. ❤


That memorial year in 2018! !

Macross F rerelease!That DD will come back! ! ! DD “Sheryl Nome”! ! DDS “Ranka Lee”! !Special · separate · sales · selling! ! Special order for DD “Sheryl Nome” and DDS “Lanka Lee” has been decided which made sales limited sales in 2014 and then received many requests for resale ! With two people lined up that posing! !

By arranging Cheryl and Ranka, you can perfectly reproduce the climax scene of “Movie Macross F – Goodbye Tsubasa ~”! ! You can see the wings by looking at this pose, your eyes ♪ “You guys are my wings!” It is a unique opportunity to welcome those two people! ! Please do not miss it ♪ Please adjust ♪ ! !

  • “Cheryl costume set (lion)” …! !
  • “Ranka’s costume set (interstellar flying)” …! !
  • “Cheryl costume set (dating clothes)” …! !
  • “Ranka’s costume set (daughter and daughter uniform)”! !

Macross F rerelease!We will do special sales! ! A special “dress set” which is not usually sold in any case! ! It is a must-have item to reproduce “that scene”, so do not miss this opportunity! !

【How to sell】

■ Selling method ①: “Dolls · party 39” Venue sale: May 5, 2018 (Saturday · Holiday)

■ Sales method ②: Storefront / sale on the web May 27, ~ (※ “Dolpa 39 After Event” will be held on Saturday, May 26th and Sunday, May 27th.)Other details Please confirm from the banner on special site! !【Reception period】 ~ 5/11 (Friday) Until then! ! Doll Planning Office: DD responsible




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One thought on ““Macross F” Special Sale

  1. Ranka and Sheryl are my favorite preorder DDs so far and while I didn’t get either of them when they first came out and won’t try for them this time either, I’m glad that people who want them will get another chance to get them at the original price.

    That being said..

    I wish that Volks would have at least shown another new DD as well! xD I really want to see how either of the new Idolm@ster girls will look, and I know tons of people are really excited for the Nier dolls. Volks announced that they were working on so many limited licensed character DD projects that it was a bit of a letdown that the only really new one Luka. Hopefully next time!


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