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A Birthday Ring for Your Dollfie

Volks birthday ring!Good morning everyone! In a wonderful promotional move Volks has included special, magical forms with their latest issue of Volks News 78: when filled out properly these forms have the incredible power to get you a special present: a white gold dollfie birthday ring! Each ring is set with the stone appropriate for the month you welcomed your precious SD or DD.


The sizing is SD/DD girl standard. If the ring does not fit your doll, there is a chain option for them to be able to wear the ring around their neck! Please note that gifts are limited to Volks VS/VP Members. If you have the ability to sign up, then you should!

If you’d like to see more of this sort of promotion you can always send Volks USA an e-mail letting them know there’s a demand!


The following is a rough translation from the Volks Facebook page:


VOLKS BIRTH STONE RINGS【~BirthdayRing for Your Dollfie~】
Dollfie ☆ thank you

Thanks to you and your dollfie.
Give a dollfie birthday ring from Volks ☆
I’ll be happy to visit a lot of happiness!
VS/ VIP member

Present ☆ tickets are enclosed ♪
■ Target Store: Volks Dollfie handling store
(excluding Akihabara Hobby Heaven)

■ Distribution Method: VOLKS NEWS VOL. 78 enclosed
Give me a present ☆ ticket, please.
* please fill out the back of the ticket.

■ Distribution Period: 26th may 26 (Saturday June 3th)
* time to pass on 5/26 (Sat),
How do I find a way to do this
It depends on your store
Please check your store in advance.

※ Note: gifts are limited to baud VS/ VIP members.
Please take a membership card.
We have a very good one.
Please forgive me for the end.

Volks birthday ring!☆ dollfie birthday ring features ☆

● Dollfie anniversary of the angel wings
Original Design!

● Perfect White Gold Color for dollfie.

● Birthday line with birthday stone
Dollfie’s welcome date and order date,
Welcome to the ceremony of welcoming ceremony, etc.
Please specify a birthday month in 12 months.

● Birthday message card specification package ♪

● Ring size :SD girl dd standard free size
_ _ _ _
Dollfie size for dollfie birthday ring
I’ve prepared a necklace chain.
I don’t have a ring.

■ Dollar feeling necklace chain :¥ 500 (tax included)
Chain Color: White Gold
Length: about 13 cm
On May 26 (Sat), we will be on sale at Volks

■ Dollfie birthday ring how to get
It’s a limited gift for the baud vs / VIP members.
” BAUD NEWS VOL. With 78
I’m delivering a gift ☆ ticket.
■ member admission or v point member!
I’d love to get to the vs / VIP member for this opportunity.
We’re looking forward to joining you ♪
I’m here to help you.


As always images offered on are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. Thank you for reading!


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