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☆The Dream Choice Official Entry Post!☆



UPDATE: Sadly this promotion did not get as many entries as I would have liked? There were only 4 by the end of the application period. Instead of cancelling, I will continue to promote this competition until we have at least 25 entries. The doll will only then be ordered. Thank you so much for understanding and I hope you can help me spread the word about this competition and generate more interest!

Thank you so much!

┗━━━━━━━ ☆ ━━━━━━━┛


Hello everyone! I am super excited to announce:

☆彡The Dream Choice Request Contest ☆彡

Everyone here at is so excited to host such a unique event! We want to make your Dollfie Dreams a reality at ❤ We want our readers to pick their dream Dream Choice DD: hair, eyes, skin tone, body type, bust size and head sculpt and vote for their favorites!

After the most popular doll is decided we’ll place the order and bring here to for a special  on website auction.

We believe in supporting our community so a portion of the proceeds from the auction will go to charity the: ‘Make a Wish Foundation’.

We’ll tally all our entries and announce the winning design on May 12th!

We’ll make sure that doll is ordered and en route for everyone to admire and bid upon. ❤

Let’s all start this exciting journey, design our dream dolls together! One lucky winner will welcome the Dream Dream Choice Doll!



Please tell us in the comments section of this page your favorite:

Many options are available for viewing on our Dream Choice Look Book Page to assist you in making your decision. The WakuBaku Blog also has wonderful images of items you can select for your Dream Dream Choice Doll!

  • Please post your choices in the comments section of this page!
  • You may vote TWICE. Once here in the comments and once on Instagram. To officially enter on Instagram you need follow @nakitaninja, comment on the original post with your Dream Dream Choice Selections, share the contest image on your feed & mention @nakitaninja and finally tag THREE friends in your post.

You may also vote for DDH11 in the Dream Choice Request Contest but since she is D’Coord only you may not select wig, eyes, body, bust or skin tone. 


☆彡Let’s have lots of fun making everyone’s dreams come true!☆彡

As always images offered on are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. Thank you for reading!

17 thoughts on “☆The Dream Choice Official Entry Post!☆

  1. Hello~ I just found about about this blog the other day. It’s really nice to have an English-language fan site for Volks dolls besides DOA and the DD forums! I don’t follow the SD side and events very closely so having everything Volks-centric together is very helpful. I hope it’s okay to enter!

    You really are super generous for doing this event btw.. ;___;” When I visited Japan in February it was still too early to get a brown Dream Choice girl and my unicorn, a DDH-11 D’Coord girl, never appeared during the week I was there. I ended up walking away with just a few pairs of hand parts in brown skin tone and with the hope that I’ll be lucky enough to get the girl its for sometime this year by scouring the aftermarket or using a proxy. This is more or less the Dream Choice girl I would have gotten if it were possible. xD Here goes nothing:

    Head Sculpt: DDH-09 (makeup M01 or especially M03 or any hypothetical M04 or other besides M02 preferred but not necessary, if only because I really want to know if it’s possible to have a brown Dream Choice DDH-09 with a faceup other than M02…)
    Body: DDdy
    Eyes: 20mm Type R Wakaba/Bright Green
    Bust: DD L Bust [Flat version] (if possible to request a bust meant for a different body… I planned to mod it to fit a dynamite body better. If it’s not possible then this request can be disregarded.)
    Hand style: Large Scissors/Peace Hands (DDII-H-02B-BR)
    Skin tone: Brown/Tan
    Wig: Hime Straight in Candy Pink

    I ended up writing a lot; I hope that’s ok. ><" I wish I could help more with the Dream Choice Look Book, but I didn’t actually ask the staff if I could even look at the catalogue when I went. (I figured it would be rude to fake interest in buying something that work intensive for the staff when I knew I wouldn’t close the sale…).

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    1. It’s completely fine to write a lot! I write too much all the time! Hahaha~ Thanks so much for reading and participating on the site. It’s comments like this that truly make my day. Fingers crossed! We’ll get more entries and have this competition done soon~ 🙂


      1. Haha no problem~ I’m kind of surprised there aren’t more entries tbh! It’s fun seeing what other people would want if they could get a dream choice doll 🙂 Though it IS kinda hard to be completely sure of what you want without having the complete dream choice catalogue in front of you, especially with regards to the makeup options.

        Also, regarding my previous comment about makeup options for brown Dream Choice DDH-09s, I can confirm from twitter user NiNjiNs3’s tweets that M01 is available as well! Unfortunately I haven’t found any official Volks images for the Look Book. Hopefully the DCoord page for Dolpa 39 would have nice new pictures of more sculpts with the makeup numbers clearly marked. xD

        And lastly… would it be possible to make one change to my entry above? Can the wig choice be changed to “Cheerful Tail in Candy Pink” instead? Hime Straight is a Doll Point exclusive too, but Cheerful Tail is also a Dream Choice exclusive so it’s even harder to get. Plus, I think it would be possible to make it work even better for one of the hairstyles I want for my girl lol ^^””

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      2. I just wanted to say that I actually DID get my dream choice girl through a proxy, so I’d like you to please disregard my entry! Or, if yet another new one is okay, in light of the new updates to Dream Choice here’s one that I think would be pretty interesting:

        Head Sculpt: DC-H-16 (maybe with makeup M-03?)
        Body: DDP
        Eyes: 22mm Type T in Violet/Sumire
        Bust: S
        Hand: DDP default hands
        Skintone: Brown if it’s still in season(and if it’s possible in the first place lol), normal if not
        Wig: Cheerful Tail in Happy Yellow

        Honestly DC-H-16 looks kinda big/mature so it would probably look really odd on a DDP but yeah it’s one way to get some of the most exclusive DD parts. xD


  2. This is such a fun idea! I’m looking forward to seeing how the Dream Girl will look!

    I spent a while considering options. . . and now, here’s my vote. (^-^)

    Sculpt: DC-H-14 with M01 if possible!
    Body: MDD
    Eyes: N-type in Violet
    Bust: Small
    Hands: MDD-H-08 / Gripping Hands
    Skin Tone: Brown~
    Wig: Cheerful Tail in Milk White

    Thanks for hosting this event! I hope you get a lot more votes, too! (◕‿◕✿)

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  3. DC-H-14 head on a tan DD body with S bust and normal hands. N type metallic violet eyes with a light purple pony tail wig.


  4. Head: DC-H-01, body: MDD Base Body III, J-type (metallic) bright green, DDS, Normal Skin, Any long wig will be fine, blonde or green if possible..?


  5. I totally forgot to enter one last time I saw this, sorry! Here’s my vote!

    DC-H-10, the second makeup shown in the Dream Choice look-book preferably
    MDD-(I really wish DDP was available in Dream Choice but I guess we can just hope for it eventually)
    N-type Violet eyes
    Either S or M bust, any hands
    Normal skin (SWS if it’s in season by the time you order)
    Pink wig with twin tails

    It’s hard to choose with so much cute stuff out there! Thanks for hosting this.


  6. Thank you for making such a wonderful event ~
    For me, my dream choice is DDH-11, hoping her come in normal skin or semi-white 🙂


  7. Ooh, what a nice idea!

    After much deliberation, my vote goes to:

    Sculpt: DC-H-13
    Body: MDD
    Eyes: N-type in Bright Blue
    Bust: Small
    Hands: MDD-H-04 / Outstretched Hands
    Skin Tone: Semi-White
    Wig: Blue hair with ribbons (I think it has ribbons, at least–the one in the first picture of the DC-H-02 head in the Dream Choice Look Book)

    This is such a fun event! I hope you get lots and lots of votes! ^o^


  8. Sculpt: DC-H-14
    Body: DDdy
    Eyes: N-type in Cherry Blossom
    Bust: Uplifted cleavage type (cannot recall it’s name)
    Hands: Gripping Hands
    Skin Tone: Brown/Tan
    Wig: Hime cut in Milk White…I really wish their pink was a true pink and not a coralish pink. 😦


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