✧Artist Spotlight✧

This week our Artist Spotlight is none other than our treasured contributor Chobittum! As always and forever a huge thank you for participating. Please enjoy the interview~

Originals for Tenshi no Mon (6)What is your name/handle: 
My name is Emma, but I am under Chobittum in any of my social media accounts.

Where are you from:

How long have you been in the hobby:
I’ve been a member of DoA since about 2008, but I didn’t get my first doll until 2011.

Where can we find you online (deviant art, DoA, Instagram links here please!):
I’m most active on DoA and Instagram, which you can find here:
I used to have a DeviantART account but I shut it down, so you might still find my old name on there.

When did you first begin collecting Volks Dolls:
2014! I used to be all about Soom dolls, but then one day I happened to venture into the Volks General thread on DoA……   And from there, I started seeing more and more beautiful Volks sculpts, until eventually I decided that Volks were the only dolls that I wanted to own. It works on several levels because if I only own one size and gender of doll, all my wigs, eyes, clothes and shoes can be used by every single one of my dolls which will save me a bit in experimenting. Well that’s the idea anyway, I don’t know if it’s worked, haha!

Originals for Tenshi no Mon (4)

What was your first Volks Doll:
A Volks Standard SD Saki! That day I went into the Volks thread sealed the deal for me from there, I saw Saki and was instantly in love. Usually I ‘umm and ahh’ and I’m indecisive, but there wasn’t any question once I saw Saki. Unfortunately I’ve had to part with her for a bit, but I’ll re-buy her some day.

Originals for Tenshi no Mon (10)What is your favorite Volks sculpt and why?: 
My favourite is definitely F62. She was a grail from the first moment I saw her, and I was ecstatic when she was offered in the US FCS. I want a whole bunch more of them in different colours, she’s so beautiful!

What other dolls do you collect:
I used to collect Soom, Fairyland, and Iplehouse. I also had one Dream of Doll as my first doll (nearly a false start in the hobby for me), and a SupiaDoll head. I only own Volks dolls now, though.

There are many aspects of BJDs that engage people, what first drew you to the hobby:
It was a combination of photography and fashion – I’d originally seen some BJDs and thought they were very beautiful, and I was already a Barbie collector at the time so it wasn’t too much of a stretch. But what gave me the final push to actually get a doll was seeing Antique Lilac’s beautiful Renaissance clothing that she’d made for her own dolls. I wanted to have my own doll to dress and sew for, so I said “I’ll just get one” and pushed the ‘add to cart’ button. I wonder how many other hobbyists have had that same delusion, haha.

What inspires you:
I love to see beautiful pictures! I surf Instagram all the time looking for beautiful pictures of dolls – the right lighting/composition, no fuzzy wigs with stray hairs, a decent face-up and pretty accessories/clothing. Angelkurama is my favourite account on Instagram for this – she has only Volks dolls and is a fantastic photographer.

Originals for Tenshi no Mon (2)

What items (if any) have you created for the doll hobby?:
I’ve sewn a few things (I immediately decided I preferred to buy clothing than make it, haha), and I’d done a few face-ups of my own. I don’t like to do face-ups because all I can see is my own mistakes when I do them, so I much prefer to commission artists to paint my dolls.

Do you prefer resin or vinyl? Why or why not:
I prefer resin because of the more realistic eyeballs and facial features, but I hear there are lots of advantages to vinyl like poseability and lightness. Maybe with the combination dolls Volks has in the works, we might be seeing dolls that have the best of both worlds very soon!

What would you like to see Volks focus on in the future? (It can be a doll line, new innovations or accessories):
I’d like to see Volks do some more anime properties in resin, I thought the Belldandy doll turned out very nice and an updated version of the Chii from Chobits doll could be nice too. I’d also like the release of some more accessories and furniture in the online store, like the ones seen at Dolpas (little bells, hats, basically stuff to use in a photo)

Have you visited Volks in Japan or other location? What was your experience?:
Sorry, I’ve never been to Japan or America, but I’d love to visit Tenshi no Sato in Kyoto and take some lovely photos there!

If you could give advice to someone just entering the hobby, what would you tell them:
When you’re buying a doll, don’t just think about the basic doll cost – you need to add in the price of wigs, eyes, clothing, shoes and faceup/faceup supplies and SHIPPING when saving up. That will give you a much more realistic goal to aim towards.


Omake! (Bonus Questions!)ARIST INTERVIEW CHOBITTUM  
What is your favorite meal/restaurant:
Beef Stroganoff with parmesan cheese!

What is your favorite color:
Teal, like the Gameboy Color model.

What is your astrological sign:

A gigantic thank you to Chobittum for being interviewed and allowing us to publish her pictures. We’re really thrilled to have another wonderful artist and owner participate on our blog: Chobittum does so much for and we always feel so lucky to have her work here in any capacity!

All images offered on are shared with the owner’s permission All material is linked back to their website. Thank you for reading!

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