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✼Dollfie The Best Selection Round 2!✼


Written by Chobittum/Edited by Tenshi no Mon


For those who have been following Volks’ 20th Anniversary celebrations, the next stage of the party has arrived! If you haven’t, here’s a brief recap:

Volks Best of the Best Round 2!

To celebrate their 20th year as pioneers of the modern ball jointed doll, Volks is holding a bundle of different events like doll releases and meetups. This includes a highly specialized online survey of Volks products for fans to vote their favorites to determine which of their dolls over the last 20 years are the most popular. The highest ranking dolls will be considered for re-release at December Dolpa! This is the third type of vote they’ve held, and by far the most comprehensive. The first round comprised of female dolls in SD; SD13; SDGr and SD16 sizes; Dollfie Dream collaboration dolls, and a choice among Full Choice System and Omukae (welcoming) outfits.

This is the second round of voting, and the selections this time are a super dollfie sized (50cm+) male resin ball jointed doll selection; a limited outfit set selection; and a continuation of the Dollfie Dream selection from round 1. For those who are intending to vote, an English version of the section selection can be found here.

Volks Best of the Best Round 2! Section 1: Male Limited Models in SDB; SD13B; SDGrB; SD16B; SD17B and SDGOU size.

It’s so much fun to look through this gallery – even once I’ve voted for the day, it’s still a fascinating look through the changes Volks has made throughout years. The technology for building doll bodies has changed, so they’re now available in so many different sizes, with so many joint selections and skin tones, and these are just the large ones! You can also see the older and retired Volks storylines, and a movement from simplistic-styled face-ups to greater use of colour; gloss, shape; and even eye-lash types. I did have to giggle at the fashions that went out of style for dolls a while back (with the exception of their loyal fans), like the chunky gothic boots and the Guy Fieri visor. All in all, there are a total of 81 beautiful dolls to look at in this section.

Volks Best of the Best Round 2! Section 2: Collaboration Models in DDS and DDdy size.

Dollfie Dreams are a fantastic doll type – lighter and more poseable than resin dolls, they have specially sculpted anime-style heads. Each of the dolls are special collaboration-type dolls between Volks and an IP holder, so that they have series or video-game accurate costumes; hairstyles and eye designs. In this voting selection, you’ll find the first male Dollfie Dream that Volks released (Kagamine Len), as well as the fantastic Sailor Moon Dollfie Dream. For those that are into the bigger bosomed characters, the exceptionally popular Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan is up for the vote. If you can’t find the doll you’re after, it may have been a regular Dollfie Dream and they were part of the first vote. There are 32 dolls you can pick from in this selection.


Section 3: Designer Outfit Collections

You might find a bit of a trip down memory lane in this section with some of the earlier outfits, but there is sure to be something in here to please everyone. Aside from more modern and casual clothing styles, there are some elegant fantasy and faux-historical pieces too. My favourites are the more elaborate one-off pieces as well as the marching band style outfits. There are 47 outfit collections and individual pieces to vote on! None of the welcoming or FCS outfits are here though (they were part of Round 1), and individual items like t-shirts or skirts are not part of the vote either.

Volks Best of the Best Round 2!

How to vote:

Round 2’s voting period lasts from 06th April 2018, to 11th May 2018. You can vote once a day ONLY, for each day of the period, and any more than that WILL invalidate all previous votes you’ve made. You do not have to be logged into the website, and you do not have to fill in the survey at the top of the page (although I always like to, just so Volks knows it has fans in Australia!). You can vote using either the English version of the website OR the Japanese site.

Survey Labels in Japanese

To vote, you pick three items by clicking on their picture (not the link at the bottom of their image if they’re new enough to have a webpage), and then scrolling to the end of the page and clicking on the ‘vote’ button at the bottom. You can vote in each of the three sections each day, you don’t have to choose between voting for dolls or clothes.

To see what was released in Round 1 voting, you can go to the following links:

Female Super Dollfie Limited Models in SD; SD13; SDGr and SD16

Dollfie Dream Co-ordination Models

Super Dollfie Full Choice System / Omukae (Welcoming) Outfit

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Enjoy, and Happy Voting!

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As always images offered on are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. Thank you for reading!

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