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So, like many of you, I’ve been in this hobby for quite a few years and I have met some truly, kind and incredible people. I wanted to take the time to feature their work in all the facets of the bjd hobby. Hopefully by adding this feature to, you’ll also discover new, amazing, creative people to follow and enrich your online bjd community experience.
This week we are hearing from the far north in beautiful and wondrous Norway. Joining me is bjd enthusiast and amazing photographer Tom Andresen:

***Interview Start***


What is your name/handle:

I am known as Tom Andresen on Facebook groups, and TomDavy on DOA. My full name is Tom Davy Andresen.

Where are you from:

I live in South Norway, a small city named Vennesla


How long have you been in the hobby:

I bought my first BJD Spring 2015. And my first vinyl doll Spring 2016. It was a Mirai Smart Doll

When did you first begin collecting Volks Dolls:

At the same time I discovered Smart Dolls, I also discovered Volks. And a few months later I bought my first Volks doll.

What was your first Volks Doll:

She was a Customized one, by NYMA. A DDH-06 head on a DDIII Sheryl Nome body.


What is your favorite Volks sculpt and why?

My favorite Volks sculpts are DD Kirika and DD Saber, I also like the customized DDH-06 and 09 heads. Kirika and the 06 and 09 heads are just so adorable sculpts, and I like everything adorable xD Saber is a warrior, and I really like her outfits, but I also like her face expression, which is beautiful and at the same time a bit sharp, like she’s ready for a fight.  Lot’s of my dolls are dressed up as warriors.

What other dolls do you collect:

I collect BJD mainly, and I also have a collection of Pullips. I have 3 Smart Dolls in my collection

There are many aspects of BJDs that engage people, what first drew you to the hobby (examples: photography, fashion, design, painting, etc):

Before I discovered BJDs and DD’s, I collected bronze statues and Anime figures, and whatever artifact I could find that appealed to me. I’ve always been drawn to beutiful things, and I’m a sucker for details and colors. So it’s the artifact itself that drew me to the hobby. Like others collect paintings, I collect statues and figures of all kind.
Later on the art of photographing has appealed to me as well.

What inspires you:

Beautiful pictures of others customizing their dolls inspires me. I spend much time looking  at photos of dolls.

What items (if any) have you created for the doll hobby?:

I’m not that practical, even though I can draw, I’ve never made anything for my dolls. I did however, bought accessories for faceup, and I hope to use it sometime.

Do you prefer resin or vinyl? Why or why not:

I prefer Vinyl, due to the leight weight of the material, which makes it easy to bring my dolls out for photographing. The only thing I don’t like is the staining issue. Resin is way easier to clean off stains. But they are heavy to bring about. There is one thing I’ve missed for a long time, and that is realistic human head sculpts in vinyl.

What would you like to see Volks focus on in the future?:

I would love to see more Disney like sculpts, like Moana and Rapunzel, and so on. I would also love to see realistic face sculpts in vinyl

Have you visited Volks in Japan or other location? What was your experience?:

Not yet, but I really wish to

PROPERTY OF TOM ANDRESENIf you could give advice to someone just entering the hobby, what would you tell them:

Be patient, don’t jump on the first doll you see. Take your time to do some research, and look through all the dolls available before making a purchase. Avoid recasts, and figure out which size you would be most comfortable with. SD size is beautiful for displaying, as a artifact, but not so easy to bring around, and before you know it, your room will be packed with dolls, due to their big sizes. Make sure you have a huge room xD And do not expose the dolls to sun light.

Where can we find you online:

Instagram and my Flickr account, but it’s not updated like my Instagram

Omake! (Bonus Questions!)

Ehhh… Omake, this I don’t understand, hahah

What is your favorite meal/restaurant:

I love lasagne

What is your favorite color:


What is your astrological sign:


A gigantic thank you to Tom for being interviewed and allowing us to publish his pictures. We’re really thrilled to have another wonderful artist and owner participate on our blog. Stay tuned next week for another wonderful interview!

Though we are a volks-centric blog some images in interviews -since they are artist focused- contain dolls that are not Volks products. All images offered on are shared with the owner’s permission All material is linked back to their website. Thank you for reading!

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