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❆ Don’t Forget Your Ice Skates! ❆

VOLKS NEW LE ITEMS!With 2018 Volks USA has announced that they are bringing the LE products back to North America! It’s been truly wonderful for all collectors of everything 1/3. With this joyous news we have also had the benefit of, once again, ordering limited edition Volks News items as well.

Usually it is wigs or eyes but this year Volks has prepared something very special in order to celebrate the Winter Olympics that took place in Pyeongchang CountySouth Korea…. ice skates! Now you can display your dollfie in glorious form with all the elegance and grace synonymous with the stunning winter sport.  

The sales period lasts until March 31st- so please hurry and order if you’d like a set of skates.

VOLKS NEW LE ITEMS!VOLKS NEW LE ITEMS!There’s black for the men and white for the ladies… there’s even the etched, jagged toe stop detailed in the blade which makes the representation very accurate, indeed! That accuracy and beauty comes at a cost though… specifically USD $86 which is not small change! For those who truly love this sport perhaps that’s just a small drop in the proverbial (ice) bucket.❄


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