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Volks Prototype: Dollfie Icon

This is, admittedly, an older story but one that was not particularly addressed in the various doll forums due to the subject matter… a hybridization of volks styles and product lines: Dollfie Icon.

Dollfie Icon

Dollfie Icon

Out of all the news that came from L.A. Dolpa the Dollfie Icon was, perhaps, my favorite lead. It was mentioned only briefly in forums due to the fact that such a hybrid doll is not on topic for the forums- not in Den of Angels (unless the mods make a ruling on the product once it is released) and not on Dollfie Dreams for the same reason. Dollfie Icon truly walks the line between resin styling and vinyl production!

It’s really a shame that neither forum can really dig in and discuss this product because I think it is perhaps one of the most interesting developments in the Volks product line.


Dollfie IconThe Dollfie Icon was brought to L.A. Dolpa by the Shigetas as a special treat for the attendees. Introducing new form factors for upcoming dolls at US Dolpa isn’t a new twist- the same thing was done with DearSD when it was released. If you are able to see a prototype product from Volks at Dolpa… well, I can’t image anything that could possibly make a Dolpa more magical!

Dollfie Icon is truly a special and interesting evolution of Volks Inc product lines. She uses the same skeletal frame as the Dollfie Dream (as noted particularly be the wrist joints) but is sculpted a step away from it’s anime counterpart. The sculpting of the body is more akin to the dimensions and proportions of the SDGr body while the head sculpts have a fantasy aesthetic. Personally the first glance reminds me of the stylings of Peak’s Woods.

Dollfie Icon


Dollfie IconThere’s a frailty to the size and sculpt that is fascinating and alien to Volks Dollfie lines. They don’t seem to embrace the larger Dollfie Dream proportions and the sculpt is nothing like I have seen from Volks past body of work. Perhaps she is similar to what a modernized F-08 might look like? I really feel the blend of older head sculpts in a new proportion. I have to admit, I’m really impressed with just how different they look. They truly look like they are from another world entirely. How delightfully unexpected!



Some Volks enthusiasts who were able to visit Dollfie Icon in person liken the styling to that of  Visuadoll. Another Dollfie Dream forum contributor, JadePixel, gave insight into product line comparisons:

Dollfie Icon

“The fantasy skin tones and stylized heads are going to be popular with BJD fans of fantasy dolls like Soom, Peaks Woods, Fairyland, etc.”


At L.A. Dolpa Dollfie Icon was presented in fantasy colored versions of  Volks ‘normal’ and white skin and introduced a third grey skin tone as well. Another Dollfie Dream forum contributor SakuraSylph noted:


 “…the colors are still works in progress – they weren’t as finalized as, say, [Dollfie Dream] tan skin now is, I thought. The fantasy-colored vinyl for Dollfie Icon looked partially-dyed or perhaps painted on top of DD normal skin, where I recall the skin tone having color variations especially on the hand parts. It didn’t seem like a new color baked into the vinyl itself, at least thus far.”

Dollfie Icon

Dollfie IconDollfie Dreams forum contributor Misskale also comfirmed:

“It’s an early prototype they showed. A doll that is a hybrid of SD and DD. So vinyl dd body with a vinyl SD styled head. The three they showed were fantasy colored, pink, pale green, and blue-grey.”

If you are looking to welcome these dolls you might have a bit of a wait according to SakuraSylph:

“For those who weren’t at the Tea Party, Volks made sure to point out that Dollfie Icon was a prototype that isn’t expected to come out for 2-3 years, if they decide to actually go further with it at all…”

Dollfie Icon

I’d be happy to see Volks explore ‘the world of fairy’ again in a different capacity. They’ve done MSDs and SDs with fairy ears, LEs like Irvin who was released in Ebony just for the USA NY Dolpa, and Volks continued with ear extensions for their extreme eared DD personifications of Kirika and Asuna.  This is a totally new level of design and play centered around what *feels* like a fantasy inspired sculpt and I do hope we get to see even more of it in the future.



I don’t know about you but I want to play with one right. now. ❤


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