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So, like many of you, I’ve been in this hobby for quite a few years and I have met some truly, kind and incredible people. I wanted to take the time to feature their work in all the facets of the bjd hobby. Hopefully by adding this feature to, you’ll also discover new, amazing, creative people to follow and enrich your online bjd community experience.
Without further Adieu we begin this series with the wonderful, magical Moonteahouse:


***Interview Start***


What is your name/handle: I usually use mk13 or moonteahouse.

Where are you from:
I’m in Australia.

MTH INTERVIEWHow long have you been in the hobby:
I purchased my first doll in 2006.

When did you first begin collecting Volks Dolls:
I purchased my first Volks doll in 2010.

What was your first Volks Doll:
A YoSD Little Alice, I still have her :). I had to purchase her through an agent because she was not available internationally.

What is your favorite Volks sculpt and why?: 
SDGr Alice and Beth, Beth is the dreaming version of Alice. Once I had decided to buy a BJD and before I bought my first one, I had an image in my mind of the doll I wanted. I searched through many companies but couldn’t find any dolls that matched, so I settled for another doll that was similar but not exactly the same. Then 5 years later, Volks released Alice, and there she was! So she is my favourite because she is the doll I originally wanted.

MTH INTERVIEWWhat other dolls do you collect:
I have several Bluefairies, a few Pipos, 2 Kana Doll heads, and 1 Luts.

There are many aspects of BJDs that engage people, what first drew you to the hobby (examples: photography, fashion, design, painting, etc):
I think the first time I saw a photo of a BJD was probably in 2003, because it was a promotional photo of the really old SD13 Shirou Tachibana. I was amazed at how beautiful he was and how he was unlike any other doll I’ve ever seen. At the time though he was completely out of my budget and not to mention impossible to buy from Australia anyway, so I didn’t think about owning one for a long time. The creative side of BJDs is definitely a big bonus but it’s not something I knew about at first.

What inspires you:
I like looking through other artists’ photos and seeing what they’re working on. I also enjoy visiting bookshops and libraries to browse through art books and craft books.

MTH INTERVIEWWhat items (if any) have you created for the doll hobby?:
I love making clothes most of all, but I’m slow at sewing and drafting patterns so it takes me a long time to finish an outfit. I have also painted face-ups and made eyes. Last year I opened an Etsy shop for my handmade eyes! I also enjoy taking photos and learning about photography, which I consider to be creating even though I do everything digitally and don’t print out any physical copies.

Do you prefer resin or vinyl? Why or why not:
Right now the style of resin is very different to vinyl, with resin being more realistic and vinyl being more anime-like. I prefer the realistic style and proportions of resin, but vinyl has several advantages I wish resin had. Vinyl is much more lightweight, it’s less fragile in that if you dropped a vinyl doll it’s much less likely to break or chip, it has less problems with yellowing, and spare parts are much more easily obtainable so that apart from the head everything else is separately replaceable if it breaks or gets stained. However the style of the doll is the most important aspect for me so I have ended up with more resin dolls than vinyl.


What would you like to see Volks focus on in the future?:
I would like to see a size in between YoSD and MSD, similar to Dollfie Dream Pretty but in the resin line. I would like to see more furniture and props as it’s difficult to find in the right size, I know Volks regularly releases props for events but usually they’re not available to buy online. I’m also interested in hearing more about Dollfie Honey, the robotic Dollfie Dream that was shown briefly in 2016.

MTH INTERVIEWHave you visited Volks in Japan or other location? What was your experience?:
I have not but would love to visit one day.

If you could give advice to someone just entering the hobby, what would you tell them:
For me personally I get much more excited about buying something that I like and is new, more so than something that I love but is old. When this happens I usually get tired of the thing I like much quicker than the thing I love. I can’t afford to buy everything that takes my fancy, and also I don’t enjoy selling and would prefer not to. So my advice would be to take the time to consider what your favourite styles and qualities are before you buy something just because it’s new. I know this is particularly difficult for BJDs as companies just love releasing limited editions, I still struggle with this every Dolpa, but hang in there. Of course this advice doesn’t apply to everyone, you may prefer a rotating collection much more than keeping permanent favourites.


Where can we find you online:
Etsy shop
But I post rather sporadically…

Omake! (Bonus Questions!)

What is your favorite meal/restaurant:
When you say meal…ice cream is a valid answer right?

Yes! Did you know that ice-cream is a great example of a delicious entrée and never off limits as a meal!?<3


What is your favorite color:
It depends on the item, for example for wigs my favourite colour is white, but for clothes it’s the combination of colours that makes an outfit amazing, not any single colour.


A super HUGE thank you to Moonteahouse for participating in this interview for us- our first one! As always it is an honor and a pleasure. All images offered on are shared with the owner’s permission All material is linked back to their website. Thank you for reading!

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