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HT Kyoto 15 D’COORD Models Go!

Good news for Dollfie Dream fans eagerly awaiting the next round of D’COORD dolls- they’ve been announced this morning.


Interestingly enough on the official announcement page there are ones labels D’COORD and ones clearly labeled ‘Dream Choice’. My only guess is that Volks is using the HT Kyoto15 to showcase what is possible with the Dream Choice selection system as well as auction off limited D’Coord option models.  There are 17 beautiful girls in total and at least 3 of them feature the brand new DDH-15. ( 1 and 12 are my favorites!!!)


I adore this ChibiUsa-esque DDH-01. Her sweet face is perhaps my most favorite on this round besides the DDH-11! The DDH-02 offered is in the M01 Make-up which is also LE Volks News Make-up from 2010.  She was a popular order item and I have seen her sculpt be recreated as a DD Super Sonico!


I really, really like the DDH-03 M03 Make-up! I thin she looks very sweet and surprised. It’s as if her friend just told her that they love her! I can’t tell if she is going to be happy or cry! The DDH04 looks cheery as usual. I can’t lie- this is not my favorite sculpt because of how difficult it is to fit the proper eyes. She looks very cote here and looks lovely on the special DDP body.


I so want a DD girl in brown skin! What a gorgeous combination! The DDH05 just looks so gorgeous in this combination. I particularly love the pastel lavender wig and her caramel skin tone. She is the oldest standard sculpt, I believe, but she is carrying herself gorgeously a decade later. The DD06 in her M04 make-up is wonderful! It’s a very different look from past Volks Standard Make-ups for her. Even though she is not feature in brown skin she definitely looks sun kissed and beautiful.


This DDH-07 definitely need to be modeling a swimsuit and a sunhat with that super awesome Volks 1/3 luggage we heard about earlier this month! If she has a little different hair/eye combo she’d be a dead ringer for Nadia: The Secret of Blue Waters (what a great show)! The lovely DDH08 is a hard sell for me just due to the mouth open sculpt by Volks isn’t always my favorite? Her gentle expression certainly makes up for any misgivings someone might have about welcoming her home.


I love DDH-09! She is currently only available at Doll Point unpainted or – I believe- via Dream Choice. She looks so serious and somber! I would love to see what she looks like in person. She has a little bit of a tsundere feel! Once again the wig and hair combo on the DDH 10 is wonderful and is featured on the LE DDP body! There are just some combinations that are so classically anime and this is one of them. She could a character from Urusei Yatsura !


Two of my favorites together! The super elusive DDH11 which is only released sporadically from Doll Point. She’s a unicorn for many! She is contrasted be a VERY tsundere DDH12- she’s a DDH01 with a downturned mouth and I am digging it! She’s on a brown skin MSD body which is in perfect contrast to her snow white wig.


These are two relatively new ladies who are both available as option heads for the Dream Choice selection at Doll Point Akihabara! The DDH13 (again the 01 sculpt with the mouth open this time) who I sincerely love. Her teeth are adorable and her expression while happy is also very delicate! She’s a beautiful girl. The DDH14 reminds me a bit of the DDH06 head as well. She’s on the limited DDP body and looks somewhat like a grown-up version of MMD Liliru.


How cute! The new DDH 15 is also 15 in the selection! That must be good luck. She definitely has some secrets hidden behind that charming smile. She looks like she has something to tell you but her emotions are holding her back! She’s a lovely new addition to the DD line. The yellow note in the top right says: “First Presentation!” since it is her debut.


Here are her sisters! I think it is so amazing how a change of eyes, wig and clothes can change the mood of a doll! Would all three of the DDH15s being offered make the most amazing triplets?! I definitely think Volks is innovating and adding very nice expressions and sculpts to their Dollfie Dream line. It’s so much fun to see what girls will be featured next! (#17 is my my favorite combo for the new sculpts)

Before I leave you, another interesting thing to note is the make-up number located underneath each girl’s image. The largest number I can find listed is M04. This would seem to be an indication that there are various choices for default make-up for every head. In other words these heads are not custom painting individually but made in batch for Volks to release either with D’COORD or Dream Choice. It’s good news if you see a doll you would like to welcome with a particular make-up as it is more likely that it will be available again in the future.

I don’t know what it is but the way Volks styles and sells their models is magical. I am adoring all the new and different hair, eye, sculpt and skin tone combinations! It’s seeing exhibitions like this that make me excited for the future of Dollfie Dream. For more information on how to welcome these dolls of visit them at HT Kyoto15 Dolpa please click on any image or link to reach the source page. Thank you so much for reading! ❤


As always images offered on are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. Thank you for reading!

3 thoughts on “HT Kyoto 15 D’COORD Models Go!

  1. My favorite is miss 13, her cheerful smile is so adorable! DDH-15 is pretty, too, and it’s amazing how much just the eye & wig changes alter her character.

    I hope you’re right that the makeup options are examples of D’COORD and/or Dream Choice options, it gives us an idea of what to expect. I wish Volks would publish the Dream Choice catalog online, but I do understand why they want to keep it (kind of) under wraps. . . .


    1. 13 is seriously adorable! I think the make-up number is a pretty good indicator that these style will be released again and/or available for Dream Choice! Don’t give up!!! The Dream Choice website has a pretty good summary of what is available- have you seen that link yet? Really cute options… it’d be so much fun to do. *^^*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think I’ve seen that website yet, I’ll go check it out! Having the chance to welcome a Dream Choice girl would be the perfect souvenir for a Japan trip. ❤


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