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✧ Volks VIP Membership ✧

Have you ever wondered what exactly Volks VIP Membership is?

I know I’ve always wanted to know. It seems like this unattainable, magical status that has so many awesome benefits. I think it’s literally the golden gate to becoming completely enmeshed in ‘Volks Super Dollfie Culture’. Of course -since it is a line of credit- participation is completely voluntary but it does seem to unlock some amazing benefits… but only for those who live in Japan.

I have to admit that the Komame card is soooo cute. I think it is the best credit card design I have ever seen! Does this mean that Komame’s actual name is Taro Volks?

Volks VIP Membership

Below are all the magical benefits…. including Free Volks News and the ability to visit Tenshi no Sato with no prior reservation! Of course it’s a credit card so the terms follow all the benefits. My understanding of legalese and terms in Japanese is poor so that translation is lacking. (If you know Japanese and want to help contribute to the website I would LOVE to have your help!) I truly love the older card images at the end. I believe these are shown as examples of past credit partners in the Volks VIP program and they are now condensing their service down to one credit partner and asking people to reapply- hence the apology for inconvenience.

Volks VIP Membership

Ultimately if Volks USA were able to partner with a credit card and have a program I think I would love to participate- especially if it meant I could be part of Japanese FCS, Tenshi no Sato events or even receive Volks News at our door. I also think I would buy so many dolls and I would frame that darling Komame card once it expired and keep it forever! (<— fangirling out, not particularly sorry for it.) What do you think? Would you be part of Volks VIP if it were offered here? Sound off in the poll if you (dis)agree!

I’ve never been so in love with the idea of a credit card. ^^;;;;;

Wishing you all a beautiful day filled with Dollfies~

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