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HT Dolpa Kyoto 15 Photospace Excitement

One of my favorite things about Dolpa are the photo spaces. These are the sets Volks Inc uses when they photograph for their blog and promos for upcoming products. It’s fantastic to see all the detail and work they have put into these sets over the years. Kyoto 15 will have a variety of spaces where Super Dollfie owners can bring their dolls for the ultimate photo shoot. Let’s take a look at what will be available at Dolpa this spring:

HT Kyoto15 Photospace

The school set-up! This charming set is perfect for school room and after school! The classroom is complete with an old fashioned blackboard and teacher podium as well as the Volks desk set- which has been sold a couple times prior to this dolpa. I really love the set on the left as well which is dripping in cherry blossoms that evoke pleasant memories of youth. I can’t read the school placard but I am thinking it might have a lot to do with the Afterschool Akihabara Series? Hmmm~

HT Kyoto15 Photospace

Switching gears we have the most romantic victorian mansion in a park-like garden setting. This sweet, sunny vignette is has a lovely park bench, bicycle and a riot of roses!

HT Kyoto15 Photospace

Perhaps this is inside the last exterior mansion image? It is the ultimate child’s room with a variety of adorable, cuddly stuffed animals. There appears to be lots of books, a SD sized chair (once sold by Volks) and a vintage couch upholstered in Baroque fabric (also once a furniture item sold by Volks). VOLKS: PLEASE BRING BACK FURNITURE!

HT Kyoto15 Photospace

Perhaps this is also a scene from the exquisite mansion? It is the quintessential tea party in the garden. The roses are so well put together you can almost smell them. I adore the brick floor and the lace table cloth as well. It is the scene for an elegant and beautiful afternoon.  I believe there is also a garden swing on the left hand side? It looks perfect for an MSD or Yo-SD!

HT Kyoto15 Photospace

This imaginative and dramatic set up comes from Volks BoysDormitory Series and is a scene from the homes of SDGr Ernest, SDGr Theodore, SDB Michele and SDB Rigel. It looks like they study bottles (filled with stardust, perhaps?) antique globes and all sort of opulent materials. I really love the direction of this- neither steampunk nor completely classic it’s really a lovely blend of themes. This chair featured is one once sold on Volks USA and the matching rug is divine.

HT Kyoto15 Photospace

Finally true pirate theme! Look at the games and the gold pieces! It looks like the backdrop is the engine room and perhaps there is a porthole to the outside on the righthand side? Flowers, maps, clockgears and gold chains abound. It is a little mysterious and elegantly formal.

Apart from mourning the passing of Volks furniture, I hope these sets inspired you to take your doll settings to the next level! Many of the items in these photoshoots (apart from the giant printed backdrops and floor- which you can probably have printed if you are really determined) are easily acquired at your local Hobby Lobby or other independent craft store. Support local if you can!

As always images offered on are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. Thank you for reading!

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