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✷”HTD Kyoto 15″ Treasure Auction! ✷

Part of HomeTown Kyoto 15 events is the ever-popular Angel’s Department Treasure Auction! This event features custom created outfits and ornaments for  your dolls. It can feature older photography sets from Volks photoshoots or even their discontinued furniture as well. (Volks, please bring back furniture!!!) On the Dollfie Dream blog today we have a wig inspired by the theme of the event and it appears as though another angel descends to meet you!

It is also important to note that these auction items are not just to benefit Volks but are part of their ongoing philanthropic efforts to raise money for charity. I truly love what Volks Inc does for their community. For HT Kyoto 15 Volks is using these auction items to benefit the ‘Make a Wish Foundation‘ in Japan. It is a fantastic cause so let’s wish them lots of luck in raising so much money! ❤

Behold the Special Volks Designer Pearl Braid Cupid Wig:

Special Volks Designer Pearl Braid Cupid Wig

It is a lovingly and charmingly styled braid perfect for any dollfie angel that may live in home. The charm is only enhanced with the seed pearls and ribbon carefully woven throughout the cascading braid.

Special Volks Designer Pearl Braid Cupid Wig I really love the braid in the back and the intentionally lose pieces! it is very romantic and lovely~ ❤

Special Volks Designer Pearl Braid Cupid Wig

The hair ornament is also included!

Though the model is a Dollfie Dream, this wig can fit SDGr, SD16, SD17B, SDGOU, MDD, DDP, DDS, DD, and DDdy.

The base model is Dream wig: Romantic wave (happy yellow), and it includes the hair ornament. The starting price will be : ¥ 5,000


Today (3/7/2018) The DD Blog has added details about the beautiful outfit that accompanies the wig known as the “Coordinate Set Cupid of Happiness” It’s a very detailed and charming set that includes a bow and arrow tipped with a heart, greek/ballet inspired shoes, and detailing with frills, pearls, feathers and lace. I think if you bid on the wig then you’d have to buy the set!


From the Dollfie Dream Blog:

Corset, One Piece, Underskirt, Brooch, Glove, Shoes,
Necklace, Cupid Feather, Bow, Heart Arrow

* Doll body is not included in the set contents.

[Corresponding size]:
SD common, SD13, SDGr, SD16, DDS (SS / S / M / L correspondence), DD (SS / S / M / L correspondence) DDdy

【bid start price】: ¥ 9,000

Cupid of Happiness Set
Cupid of Happiness SetCupid of Happiness Set


Volks also let us know that tomorrow they will introduce  “The Coordinate – Dress & Shoes Set “Milky Sky Angel *”!” Stay tuned! The following images of the Milky Angel Set have been reveal on Super Dollfie Facebook while I was writing this entry! Coco, SD-F-60, makes the most exquisite angel! I will update with more details as soon as I have them in the meantime please enjoy the pics:



 (3/7/2018) From the Volks Super Dollfie Facebook page:

Corresponding size :SD common, sd13, sdgr,
Dds (S / M / l only), DD (S / M / l only), dddy
* Sdgr only supports movable legs
Set: one piece, of, drawer, cho
Head Dress, bracelet, ribbon shoes, angels wings
Model: Sd13 Girl SD-F-60 (this type)
Bid Start Price: ¥ 9,000

(Wig is sold in separate auction)

Milky Angel Set
Milky Angel Set

Milky Angel Set

Milky Angel Set

Milky Angel Set

Milky Angel Set

As always images offered on are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. Thank you for reading!

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