🚭 No Smoking in Tenshi no Sato! 🚭

TenshinoSatoOne thing I noticed in Japan is that smoking is far more ubiquitous. It is kind of like going back in time here in the US. People are smoking in restaurants, train stations and public areas far more than most places here in the US. It’s not particularly surprising that there are many signs in Tenshi no Sato asking people not to smoke- in both English and Japanese. What is surprising is that, unfortunately, someone did it anyhow.


Not only is there a risk of fire in general but smoke is terrible for resin, fabrics, fibers AND human lungs. Today on the Super Dollfie Facebook Feed there is a particular post asking people to remember not to smoke in Tenshi no Sato due to a recent incident. This probably seems like common sense for more of us but I suppose it still happens?

Please keep Tenshi no Sato fresh and clean for dolls and humans alike! (Also save your lungs!)

The following was released on the Tenshi no Sato blog this morning:

TenshinoSatoWe have been operating as a comfortable place for Super Dollfie with the cooperation of everyone who visited us, but I found smoking cigarette butts in the main building during business last week .

I am very sorry to do so but I must ask to everyone to stop smoking firmly as a safe measure.
The entire staff is heartsick.

I would like to thank you for your cooperation below for all of you at the visit .

TenshinoSato◆ All angel’s villages and premises are non-smoking.

Angel’s village has been declared nonsmoking to be safe for customers and for the protection of cultural properties.
Your cooperation is strongly appreciated.

If you do not agree to the postings concering “attention concerning the entrance of the angel ‘s village” and choose to engage in nuisance activities, such as smoking, we will immediately ask you to leave and refuse entry in the future.

Tenshi no Sato is a facility prepared by Owner and Super Dollfie (Volks Co., Ltd.).

We are making efforts to use it as a relaxing space to stay close to Super Dollfie and  the owner for a long time.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Also, please keep in mind that the facilities in the hotel can be handled carefully so that all customers can use it pleasantly.


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