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❀Needful Hobby Items for Under $10❀

Sometimes being successful in a hobby -at least speaking to me being somewhat pleased with my work (I never truly am!)- requires the right tools. I do buy most of my supplies on amazon.com because they arrive quickly and have great prices. The items I have begun with below are genuine items I have purchased and have worked well for me. I wanted to pass along these ideas and deals to people starting in a hobby that can be rather expensive!

Disclaimer: This post features links via my amazon affiliate program! I will always tell you when I post with with affiliate program. If you do, please know that you are supporting more content generation on TenshinoMon.com and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The money goes directly into buying items for more giveaways and cool features on TenshinoMon.com. If you are in beautiful Australia or another lovely country outside North America and don’t have access to Amazon as we know it here, please contact me and I will help you find the right place for the tools you need. ❤


For painting face-ups it’s critical that you have a decent set of brushes. These don’t necessarily have to be uber expensive brushes, especially if it is your first time out. I always have a set of *wet* brushes and *dry* brushes. one for acrylic paint and the other for the pastels. The wet brushes are a mix of Volks Zoukeimura brushes and nail art brushes. The latter is a bit more dispensible and can give you great results for not a lot of cash. Yimart 20PCS Nail Art Design Dotting Painting Drawing Polish Brush Pen Tools are a great option and the prices start at USD $5.99. Even if you don’t use them to paint a face-up right away, it’s a fantastic set to practice teeny, tiny brush strokes!


Dry brushes are another must for completing face-ups! They should distribute pastels evenly over the surface of the sculpt and blend beautifully. You need quite a dense brush for this and the best thing to order is a cheap set of make-up brushes. These brushes tend to hold oil and that can ruin the finish they give so I suggest designating certain brushes for color families so you can reuse them a bit longer. These BESTOPE Makeup Brushes 8 Pieces Makeup Brush Set Professional Face Eyeliner Blush Contour Foundation Cosmetic Brushes for Powder Liquid Cream are a great place to start for beginners because they are affordable, fine bristled and the white tips are great for checking which pigments you’ve been working with that particular brush.

Mylar blankets. Yes! These are wonderful for shipping dolls when you don’t have control of the temperature inside whatever container you are using. If you have to ship via cargo or even in a car during a blistering hot sunny day, these blankets will help regulate the temperature inside the mylar so your doll will stay cooler. This means less wear and tear on your doll due to uneven temp! Another less expensive buy but completely worth the extra protection: Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket (Pack of 2)


Pigments! People talk a mean game about which watercolor pastels and colored pencils they use but no one mentions pigments! I love, love, love the subtle finish these pigments give when you add them in the final steps to a face-up. Please always wear a mask while applying these as they are so fine and not good to breathe in! They come in a HUGE variety of colors you can buy them in sets or singularly. My favorite right now is Jacquard Jac-JPX1650 Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment, 0.75 oz, Micropearl. I always come back to this one because the light color is subtle and is perfect for highlighting on the inner part of the eye.


The Tangle Teezer! Goodness, this has been life altering for dealing with uber long wigs. The Tangle Teezer actually does what it says it will with minimal loss to the density of your wig fibers. I love this thing. A toothbrush is great for fine fibers but this brush can help deal with those longer wigs who are always on a mission to because a mess. It actually, really works. This item is just over $10 but I added it because it is so worth it to spend your time enjoying your dolls rather than working with a wig that refuses to cooperate (but you love anyhow). Tangle Teezer The Original, Wet or Dry Detangling Hairbrush for All Hair Types – Plum Delicious


Thanks so much for reading and checking out the links! If you have any questions or ideas for products you want to be featured, please let me know! I am, first and foremost, here to help. ❤

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