Dollfie Dream · Giveaway!

✪ It’s Giveaway Time! ✪

To celebrate our first month of bringing you the best in Super Dollfie Culture we wanted to host a lovely giveaway for all Volks lovers!

We want to thank you so much for your love and support.

It’s really nice to meet everyone and we hope to make many new friends and followers with this contest.

One (1) lucky person will be selected as a winner, and will have the possibility to win painted DDH10 in semi white skin color. This item is painted by me, Nakita, with professional pastels, tints and acrylics and sealed carefully multiple times with MSC. She has careful detailing but please remember she is a One-Off hand painted item and as such there may be tiny flaws or minor asymmetry:

TenshinoMon Giveaway!


 ✪Here are the rules✪

You may enter TWICE! Once on Instagram and once on

On instagram: 

Follow me @nakitaninja

 Tell us in the comments of the INSTAGRAM post why you like and please tag at least 3 friends

Repost the contest pic on your Instagram and tag your post with #tenshinomongiveaway so that we can find you and validate your entry


Simply subscribe for with your email at the top of the left column or click the link below and you are entered! We won’s send out many e-mails- just for giveaways, sales and fun stuff, promise.


The giveaway is ending the 1st of April and the winner will be chosen few days after. Once the winner is selected we will contact them directly for more details! Good luck, friends! Much love from Nakita and everyone at

3 thoughts on “✪ It’s Giveaway Time! ✪

    1. Thank you so much for joining us! it’s so good to see you here. ❤ I am hoping to host more of these giveaways based on the response it gets… hopefully we'll have lots of winners now and in the future!


  1. She is beautiful, Nakita! ❤ Whoever wins her will be lucky indeed! (Of course I have my fingers crossed haha!)

    I really appreciate the work you’re doing here on Tenshi no Mon. It’s so nice to have Volks news translated into English! And the site is beautiful. It’s like an oasis for Volks fans~


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