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Final Week of Tenshi no Sato Doll Festial!

In case you missed our previous post, it’s the last week of the doll festival at Tenshi no Sato.

This final weekend includes the peach blossom festival as well as the announcement of who won SDGr Kasumi. (<— pretty big deal for some people!)  Her picture appears on the Volks Tenshi no Sato blog with these lines of poetry:

Tenshi no Sato Doll Festival

Appear in the silence of the village
And then it will disappear.
Fluctuation in the frenzied heart · · ·.

Pretty romantic, eh? Volks cultivates their artform with the brief appearance of an angel who only a lucky few will be able to welcome. I am anxious to see the beautiful photos that will come of this release. I truly do love Kasumi and wish we could at least *see* one of her here at a Volks USA function. Kasumi’s a pretty big deal because she is a “technologically” special Super Dollfie who cost begins at 2k, is made of a new ‘secret’ material and her make-up is part of her composition- i.e. it cannot be changed. Owners have to sign an NDA before she is picked up and she is not released to individuals outside of Japan.

Tenshi no Sato Doll FestivalAnother noteworthy item that is being released this weekend is the return of the cross over hit seisuki88 x volks bag collaboration! Why would you want one of these charming handbags? Well, Seisuki88 is a print manufacturer out of Kyoto. Their prints and beautiful, classic and, even, legendary. There is no more perfect way to transport your Yo-SD or SD Midi in style. they are being released in a pink and black print at this time.

I have one of these bags myself and I adore the print and the simple, sensible touches. They are lined in light fabric and have a pocket for accessories on the inside. The exterior is sealed so you do not have to worry about the beautiful print getting dirty. There are small brass feet on the bottom of the bag which lends to its charm. It even comes with a leather strap so you may carry the bag over your shoulder should you want/need to. They are a lovely item to have in your Super Dollfie collection!

I really, really love Seisuki88 and would encourage you to watch their video below to add to your appreciation for this beautiful bag release. It’s in English as well as Japanese and give the history of the product line:


At any rate, it looks like the Doll Festival at Tenshi no Sato will end with as much flare and beauty as an event of this magnitude merits! perhaps someday we will all be able to make a pilgrimage during such a beautiful event.


For instructions on how to attend and participate please visit the original blog post here.


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