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Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 15

Ah, the thing Volks enthusiasts live for:


Since this is the first Dolpa I’ve covered let’s take a moment to talk about confusing naming conventions. Each time a convention takes place it is given a particular number in succession. Hometown Dolpa will be the 15th event held in Kyoto and is particularly special as it is also the home of Tenshi no Sato. Since it’s the anniversary year for Volks the theme (yes, there is always ALWAYS a theme!) is ‘First Recollect(ion)’ .

VOLKS DOLPA HT KYOTO 15It’s happening Sunday, March 11th, 2018 10:00AM ~ 3:00PM (JST)at the Kyoto Pulse Plaza Main Exhibition Hall.  The Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 15 Offical Guidebook  is available now and serves as your ticket for the event. One of the best things is being able to opt for a bento lunch for the event on your ticket. I always think these lunches are the sweetest thing and a wonderful offering to people attending. ❤

Volks has also allowed the first 4oo people to purchase the option of adding an express pass. This pass allows attendees to enter the Dolpa ahead of others but does NOT allow them to line up for Tenshi no Sumika items ahead of everyone else. This is an important note because to get the dolls you are looking for at a dolpa you need to pull special numbers for your place in the sumika line. The lower your number the better the chance you will have of buying the items you want at the dolpa! Thankfully Volks does not allow people to buy better tickets in order to be first in the sumika line!

The only thing that has me blue about this HT Kyoto 15’s website is that the event page is all in Japanese. Volks has come such a long way translating their materials, it’s be great if there was an official translation because even though we, people not living in Japan, are less likely to attend- we still love Super Dollfie culture and events! They are so magical.

Let’s take a closer look at the events page and please be forgiving with my mediocre translation abilities. This was a bunch of work so let’s see what we uncover about HT Dolpa Kyoto 15!


Obviously the theme this year is the birthday of Super Dollfie and there’s bound to be every wonderous, themed event possible. Volks never disappoints on how creative and amazing they are!


The limited dolls this year are yo-sd Mako and Dai. These have been SDMidi standard for the last couple of year and now they are reborn as charming yo-sd. Yo’s are only sold as LE dolls so if you love one of these cuties this dolpa is your best chance to welcome one.

Also making headlines is the adaptation of the F-01 or the ‘four sisters’ sculpt into SDMidi. I didn’t think I would ever like SDMs but they are super portable and exceptionally fun to style. If you love the larger size dolls, I definitely recommend trying their smaller siblings. Kira is the traditional first born make-up and sculpt with her tell-tale special yellow ribbon and Nana with her lovely green sleepy eyes are the make-up versions offered at this time. If it were Megu, I’d be done!❀

Among other insanely cool events is the display of the ‘Four Sisters’ in different styles and ages. I am assuming this are for sale by lottery but to be honest, I wasn’t entirely certain if this was display only or also for purchase by a lucky winner.

VOLKS DOLPA HT KYOTO 15D’coord will also be represented at Dolpa in a vast array of models and apparently every head style will be shown and available for adoption by lottery. A brand new head sculpt, DDH15, will make her appearance as well.


My personal favorite event and the one I would most like to see is the Special FCS One-Off event! Apparently Volks have taken note of what has been most popular for EACH head sculpt available at Tenshi no Sato and have created each doll to the most beloved, most requested specifications from 2017. I cannot WAIT to see what these dolls look like! Of course the best place to see these dolls is the Super Dollfie Instagram feed– be sure to keep an eye on it!VOLKS DOLPA HT KYOTO 15

Then come the other standard but also beloved Dolpa events such as photo spaces, the wonderful, magical bingo session and a chance to earn Dolpa Dollars at Tenshi no Sato.

VOLKS DOLPA HT KYOTO 15Finally we get some details on how the Dolpa Dollars work! It’s a nice way to get spending points towards Volks goods while shopping before and during dolpa. I think it would be a dream to be able to spend and spend and spend and then have enough Qun to get something really special at the end of the day. It’s a very good idea! The Dolpa Dollar is another fantastic way to encourage guests to participate in this beautiful dolpa and spend lots of money!❀VOLKS DOLPA HT KYOTO 15


That’s all for now! I apologize if this seems a bit rushed but today has been a madcap day- I have a charity gala to go to tonight and it’s been crazy getting ready. I also wanted to mention that, yes, I know the first font didn’t work and I will not be using it in the future. By the time I saw it’s quality was terrible, I had uploaded the images and there was no turning back. It was fine on my monitor, I swear! I’ll do better in the future! ^^;;;;;;



As always images offered on are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. Thank you for reading!

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