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❆Snow Miku 2018❆

VOLKS SNOW MIKU 2018I’ve been so busy with all of the festivals and Super Dollfie activities that I have given zero love and attention to one of the best selling dolls Volks has on the market currently. DD Miku Hatsune is one of those Volks collaboration models that almost everyone, all over the globe went absolutely nuts to purchase. As such Sony (the IP holders) have negotiated a long release contract and she has been readily available in both her Snow Miku form and her ‘regular’ Miku appearance.

Personally, I was excited about her but her face was a little blank for me so I decided to opt out of welcoming her. So many people have, though, and when you see how beautiful she is, it really makes you rethink your choices! I am particularly a long time admirer of Snow Miku!❆VOLKS SNOW MIKU 2018

At any rate, the Snow Miku 2018 Festival has taken place in Sapporo, Hokkaido during the 69th Sapporo Snow Festival. Since Snow Miku is the official mascot for the convention, Volks has recreated this year’s ‘Snow Miku’ look: Crane Shrine Maiden Set! It’s an absolutely breath taking set who price justifies the fact of a wig and eye being included as well as the detailing of Miku’s spectacular look. Volks maintains a booth at Wonder Festival to celebrate the most beloved volcaloid. It’s basically a mini convention with prizes, games and wonderful items to preview and purchase!

VOLKS SNOW MIKU 2018Besides the glorious Crane Maiden Set Volks also had the Peach-Pitt (Rozen Maiden Authors) designed Vampire Outfit Set. It’s a lovely and detailed set and it certainly is mysterious for Miku! I happen to love vampires and everything dark and mysterious. If I had a Miku, I’d be in! It’s worth mentioning if you have the guts to put that much black on your dollfie dream you’d better come equipped with some Twin Pines Remove Zit, Dollfie Dream Rescue, Dollfie Head Cap, DD Protect tape in Semi-White Skin, a DD Full Body Suit in Semiwhite Skin, and finally heck, just buy a second body so you can replace any stained parts with new ones should the worst happen. I’m not saying don’t buy this amazing, gorgeous outfit… I’m just saying be prepared to mitigate some staining should you choose to do so!

VOLKS SNOW MIKU 2018My favorite item that was announced and exhibited was the DD suitcase prop which is scheduled for release sometime in the summer of 2018. I love how the girls are all getting packed in the display- this suitcase is fully functional! What a charming, lovely prop. I am so excited to see what pictures the DD community comes up with. ❤ It even comes in pink! I’m definitely looking out for this in the summer time.

VOLKS SNOW MIKU 2018The Volks booth at WonderFes also had darling contests to compete in to win a plushie Yukine Plush Toy that was included with the Snow Miku Twinkle Set.This set totally wrecked me as far as wanting to welcome a Snow Miku! She’s so gorgeous in this outfit, I think everyone would have to love her. *Sigh* So, yes, a spare Yukine was up for grabs as well as some fantastically themed snowflake hand spinners, sweet Snow


Miku souvenir cards and sweet little buttons exhibiting how amazing Snow Miku looks in her Crane Maiden Set. It really looked like a fun and amazing Snow Miku event!

And now I want one.


Please click the banner below to order your Special Crane Maiden Set or Vamprie Outfit set on Volks USA! Not in the USA? No problem! You can also preorder the sets on the Volks International Webshop as well!



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