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Tenshi no Sato Doll Festival

So while Tenshi no Mado in Tokyo is celebrating their sixth anniversary with roses and beautiful events, Tenshi no Sato is having a giant celebration of their own!

The Tenshi no Sato Doll Festival

This event is particularly spectacular, really like all events at Tenshi no Sato, because it is celebrating the Hina Festival or Hinamatsuri which is also know as Girls’ Day or Doll’s Day in Japan. It is a large celebration every March 3rd where elaborate sets of dolls are displayed representing the royal court of the Heian Period. As you can imagine this would be a very big celebration for Volks- particularly in their anniversary year.

Tenshi no Sato Hina Festival 2018

Tenshi no Sato Hina Festival 2018


Volks has their own amazing set of Hina dolls on display that are absolutely breath taking. You can also find images of them on Volks’ Super Dollfie Instagram. Visitors are welcome to visit the display and then take their own dolls to a special set area for their Hina Doll- esque photographs and commemorate the day they visited Tenshi no Sato with their beloved dolls.


Tenshi no Sato Hina Festival 2018

There will also be a special celebration at Tenshi no Sato during this time period honoring the blooming of the “Peach Blossom”. This is a special, gorgeous pink flower that blooms in the spring time at Tenshi no Sato and is celebrated throughout the facility in arrangements and in their gardens. Visitors are encouraged to come to photograph and appreciate the beauty of the flowers.

Tenshi no Sato Hina Festival 2018There is a large photo session for Super Dollfie owners celebrating both Hina Dolls and peach blossoms on  February 24th. This photo will be displayed on the Volks website for all to enjoy and guests are, of course, welcome to take their own photos.

The spectacular Tenshi no Sato Cafe will be offering seasonal goodies for the holiday. These include a ‘Sweet Sake Set’ and specialty Kyoto Bon-bons. The latter come in all colors of the rainbow and I am guessing they taste as good as they look. I can think of nothing better than to enjoy the peach blossoms with beautiful SDs and have a wonderful Sweet Sake Set and Kyoto Bon-bons! It is almost too wonderful to even ponder.❀


Onward for more festivities!

There are One-Offs being offered at this event- again check the Super Dollfie Instagram for images. They are showcasing an amazing Suigintou in the promo picture but I have never seen a Suigintou that I haven’t loved so… I might be biased. These are sold in a lottery fashion and this lottery is only available to residents of Japan.

MSD Coordinate Models specially created for the Hina Festival will be on display in their adorable uniforms. It seems as though the models available this time are SDM-F-48 in PSW, Byakuren in PSN & PSW, and SDM-f-35 in PSW. This collection of Coordinates is wonderful because it is a Tenshi no Sato event Byakuren (a special tenshi doll) is available in both skin tones.
Tenshi no Sato Hina Festival 2018

Tenshi no Sato Hina Festival 2018SDGr Pure Skin Bisque Kasumi will be available for lottery at this event. There’s a lot of mystery around this girl as Volks INC will not allow her sales outside of Japan and require all owners to sign an NDA to welcome her. She is a very special doll and sold exclusively to Japanese clientele/residents of Japan. It’s free to look at her though! She’s quite a beauty and made of a special proprietary material created by Volks.

Last but certainly not least is the presence of DearSD at this event. It’s Megu in both normal and Sweet Dream versions in their gorgeous Ichima dress. I really love this version of DearsSD. They will be sold via lottery during the festival time period.

Ichimatsu Ningyo dolls were widely loved by people as a typical cuddly toy-doll during the Edo Period (1603-1867) and remain popular today as a gift for girls and as an art object. The name derived from an extremely popular kabuki actor, and they are also known familiarly as ‘Ichima-san’. It is said also that a newly married couple will be blessed with a healthy baby when they display this doll. – credit

Tenshi no Sato Hina Festival 2018
So there you have it! Tenshi no Sato is undoubtedly an amazing experience and journey. I encourage you highly to visit the Volks website to learn more about it. If you are visiting Kyoto, Japan it is possible to make reservations to visit Tenshi no Sato and participate in some of the events as well as welcome coordinate models if you would like.❀

As always images offered on Tenshinomon.com are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. Thank you for reading!

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