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Lorina II Announced in Volks News 77

Lorina II head

I’ve been following the scans for Volks 77 on the internet via Twitter and we have a good idea of what is coming up thus far. I was pretty happy when I saw the following image on the most amazing blog Eternal Rose

Apparently there will be another sale of Junichi Nakahara collaboration with and SDGr to celebrate his most beautiful illustrations.

More importantly the head sculpt is Officially named Lorina II (not Jo). Lorina II, as can be evidenced in the photograph, has a differently sculpted mouth and eyes. She has a bit more playful and wide awake look. As someone who has just welcomed a Lorina I, (Jo March Version) I would definitely pony up and buy this sculpt again. She is a beautiful doll and this face-up feels a bit more natural than the Jo March face-up.

GE-8 Dark Blue PurpleThe image says: POINT: The eyes are model village Zoukeimura “dense purple” which I am guessing is GE-8 Dark Blue Purple. Included in an image I borrowed from the Angel Den- please visit their page to see other examples of this color eye both in and outside of sculpts.


I’ll make more details available as I get them. If you want to see more of this gorgeous girl, the best place to watch at the moment would be Volks’ Super Dollfie Twitter feed as they tend to release official photos there first!

I wonder if we’ll see many different versions of Lorina in the years to come celebrating Nakahara’s lovely work? I think it is marvelous!❀

2 thoughts on “Lorina II Announced in Volks News 77

  1. Lorina is gorgeous as always! I can’t really tell the sculpt differences from the photo; her new faceup, however, is beautiful. I’ll definitely be awaiting more news about her~
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Yeah, I’m still not sure when or how she is being released. I thought she’d be a dolpa doll since there’s the SDGr logo on the page but I’ve not seen more info on it! I’ll definitely watch like a hawk!

      You are so welcome! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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