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Dolpa 38 Lottery at Volks USA!

Dolls Party38 Lottery VOLKS USA

Don’t forget on February 23rd that Volks USA is hosting the Dolpa 38 collection for lottery! There are no Sailor Moon items as that IP appears to have been a Japan release only.

Undoubtedly highlights are Snowlight Rabbit Set which is based on the Dollfie World Cup illustration from 2015 and comes complete with shoes. It’s a very nice set and charming for those who want fairy tale bunny kawaii set. ❀ Additionally it’s worth noting that it is modeled by the very elusive, exclusive and limited Doll Point D’coord DDH-11.

Other notable items are the Antique Girly dress set which theoretically fits Dear SD. I cannot confirm this officially asVolks USA Dolpa 38 Collection I have not tried it myself and… it appears the listing information is incorrect? The model in the picture is SD10 or 13 Michelle (One-Off?) and in the actual listing it says DSD Una. As seen in the banner for this post SWD Nana and Una are both in DSD bodies and wearing both antique sets and they look amazing. ❀ I’ve written Volks USA at the time of publishing this and am expecting an answer which I will post as soon as I have it.

Of course do not skip the shoes! Volks did release the appropriate shoes with these dress sets- they always try to but sometimes I feel like the shoes are delayed and matching shoes are sometimes released later than the outfits they coordinate with. This time Volks really made it work and there are some gorgeous and fun shoes to choose.Particularly the matching shoes for the Antique Dress Set are charming and sold out IMMEDIATELY on


Volks International. Additionally if you are picking up the kawaii sets for Dollfie Dream, plan on picking up those adorable matching sneakers!

For the full assortment it’s worth looking at the list on Volks USA as this collection is very diverse and there is truly something for everyone.


As usual all images are property of Volks INC and they are linked to their original content. Please visit their website for information on the event. This is only supplemental translation for their website and is not a replacement.

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