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天使の窓 ~6th Anniversary Fair~

❀It’s the Tenshi no Mado 6th Anniversary Fair!❀

I seriously love these Tenshi no Mado events because they offer some amazing goods at the most charming sumika shop in Tokyo. I did have the chance to visit once (I want to go back!) and the building, staff… everything was absolutely lovely. Don’t leave without letting them stamp your passport for goods because they will chase you down and make sure it happens! (sorry guys! ^^;;;;;) Also be very careful about checking the hours before visiting because sometimes they shut down during week days~

On to the event!

❀This one is particularly excellent because anyone can visit. That means if you happen to be in Tokyo you can go and participate!❀





There looks like there is going to be some shopping available and bonus presents as well. ❀ First of all there is an adorable Komame window cling that will be given out to customers attending the event on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

There will also be a number of Dear SD available as well. It looks like they will be in their standard ‘My Dear Garden’ dress set. Variation includes shoes and wigs. The sculpts are Kira, Chiyo, Saki, Coco and Sweet Dreams Nana. This event is a lottery where you will give your entry for one of the dolls and Volks will contact you if you have won (similar to One-Off).

Dear SD not your thing? No worries, SDMidi Coordinate Models are next! The sculpt available are SDM-F-48, 41, 33, and 31.



There are of course a number of super amazing One-Off dolls that are available as well via lottery. The theme for this year is “Rose” and images of the dolls available will be on the Super Dollfie Instagram so please go there to check out all the amazing, stunning dolls. If you are visiting Tenshi no Mado and are not a resident of Japan, you will, sadly, not be able to welcome a One-Off doll.

tenshinomado6thanniversaryThere is also a special for FCS during this time period. Tenshi no Mado offers FCS orders but does not have the entire selection that Sato does. During events like these Tenshi no Mado will be able to special order certain parts during this time period. This time it is the lovely SDM-F-46 and the equally beautiful SD-F-67.


Meanwhile, upstairs in the salon you can find an amazing display of props and goodies from Volks Planning Angel’s Department Outlet. Among other items that are likely to be rose themed. Volks is released a gorgeous little stationary set andtenshinomado6thanniversary chocolate treat to be given to your special Dollfie. Even though the chocolate may be very tempting please remember it is only a prop and do not eat it! ❀

In a confounding move Volks announces in the image below that they have imported cherished items from Volks USA. They include the most amazing items we’ve never, ever seen for sale for our dolls at Volks USA. There are beautiful pieces of faux gems and jewelry, lovely bottles that glow in the soft light and a rocking horse perfect for a Dear SD. It’s frustrating to see all these wonderful things go to Japan when we would love to see them offered from Volks USA to the people that actually collect dolls in the USA.

Please ask Volks USA for these things if you have the chance. Telling them is the only way they’ll know there is a demand! (Discovering translations like this one is exactly why Tenshi no Mon exists!)


Finally there will be a special gashapon for B grade zoukeimura glass eyes for 1000 yen a piece. It’s a pretty amazing deal and I would definitely take a chance on the gashapon to get some super amazing LE glass eyes!

There you have it! Tons of amazing events at Tenshi no Mado and we here at Tenshi no Mon wish a a beautiful, successful, wonderful anniversary.

As usual all images are property of Volks INC and they are linked to their original content. Please visit their website for information on the event. This is only supplemental translation for their website and is not a replacement.

2 thoughts on “天使の窓 ~6th Anniversary Fair~

  1. Thanks for sharing! For a while now, I’ve been wondering about the Tenshi-no-Mado fairs, so it’s nice to have a translation. 🙂 The little stationary sets and chocolate are adorable! The coordinate models are lovely! I hope one day they will do more events like this in the US too.

    But what’s up with that “imported from Volks USA” note? 🤔 I’d love to see the jewelry & bottles here in the States too! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for the support! Yeah, I don’t know what it is but when you can actually read it for yourself -no matter how trivial the content- it really feels good. It’s great to know what people in Japan see versus what we see here- I’m glad you appreciate the efforts! ❤

    Yeah, I definitely want tchotchkes too! Antiques from the USA…. hmmmmm? I want beautiful, curated doll goods too! T-T


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