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Volks Full Choice System Updates for Fall 2017

Part of my plan when forming Tenshi no Mon is to provide translations of Volks information. These translations are not to replace any Volks website and everything I show is linked back directly to the source. My translations are simply supplemental for those of us who do not speak/read Japanese but would like to know about Volks products. I should also mention that my Japanese is not anywhere near perfect but I believe it’s good enough to get the ideas across adequately. If you find an error please let me know and I will fix it! ❤

I know we’re a bit past Fall of 2017 but there were some significant updates to the FCS system that are worth mentioning! First of all Volks announced new head sculpts F-76 and F-77 for the Super Dollfie line and SDM F-52 and F-53. There are new welcoming outfits as well and a couple new parts. All this information is, of course, directly available from Volks on their Volks Full Choice System Updates for Fall 2017 Website.

The only problem I have with Volks’ announcements is that they use a combination of actual text but also many gorgeous images that we cannot translate without some effort. I’ve done the translation for you below so you don’t have to. Of course please visit Volks’ website for up-to-date pricing and more information.

So to begin with we have the beautiful new head sculpts. The F-76 seems particularly well suited to a SD or sd13 Body boy/girl and reminds me somewhat of LE Victorique with her fine features. (I am particularly in love with F-76 and want one for my next FCS!) The F-77 is an older sculpt who would look fabulous as SDGr boy/girl or SD16 Girl/SD17 Boy. Of course matching the larger sizes is always a bit more difficult and it is best to see the pairing (via official Volks images or in person) before ordering.FALL FCS 2017

There is also the adorable addition of ‘cat ears’ with a FCS order. Unlike ears in the past that worked with pegs, these feature magnets in the head cap to allow easy application and removal! The fee for the ears is for the magnets to be install in the head cap of your FCS not unlike angel wings for the Volks Yo SD. It’s a super cool addition for people who has FCS access in Japan! Let’s hope they bring this feature to the USA as well! (Ask Volks USA for it!)FALL FCS 2017

Finally there was the new appearance of the “Natural Country” Welcoming Outfit. It’s a lovely set that is renewed at an additional price for customers each year.


As always thank you for reading and I’ll prove update on FCS -stateside and otherwise- in the future!

I also highly recommend visiting the Volks AfterEvent Website for images of the amazing event and dolls that were available. It looks like it would be so much fun to see in person! Hopefully someday we will all have a change to visit and experience such a beautiful presentation of dolls.

For larger versions of the translated images please visit here.
All images belong to Volks INC and are linked back to their source content.

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