Welcome to Tenshi no Mon

TenshinomonbuttonTenshi no Mon (天使の門)  or ‘The Angel’s Gate’ exists to help fill the void of unending questions around the dolls -both resin and vinyl- and hobby shop of Volks Japan.

TLDR; I invite you to think of these pages as an introduction to the world of Super Dollfie for those who have never visited before.

For those who want a more in depth explanation of my goals please read on:

Volks Inc is focused primarily on their Japanese clientele, and their international customers are left behind to wonder at the pictures of events that litter the internet. Often times they can catch fleeting glimpses of dollfie culture but never truly partake due to barriers of linguistics or distance.

Volks does provide information on their lovely website but, alas, it’s all in Japanese without any English translation available as a result there are still many questions that surround the expense, acquisition and care of these beautiful dolls.Volks USA fills this niche for the international community who speak English but their website is geared towards the online sales of their items and not Super Dollfie culture.

Since the sad closure of their Sumika Times blog they do not provide tutorials or care information on their website. Volks USA instead chooses to utilize social media platform Facebook as their main way of disseminating information but there are many do not elect to use Facebook and are simply left out of the loop.

We’re not here to simply supply information and tutorials but we also wish to be ambassadors of “Super Dollfie culture”. This is a unique aspect of the hobby for everyone who participates in the hobby- whether they live in Japan or not. It is our greatest wish to provide a larger picture of the products of Volks Inc. as well as represent the hobby culture from which these exquisite pieces of art have originated, grown and continue to thrive.

You may find yourself asking- what makes Tenshi no Mon any different from a site like Den of Angels? Is this site attempting to replace other sources of information on the web?

Absolutely not! There are many, amazing, wonderful resources that many of us at Tenshi no Mon participate on regularly.  Tenshi no Mon is specifically for Volks dolls and is much easier to navigate, search and understand and, better yet, you don’t need an invitation to view content! Even if the answers you are seeking are not immediately available, contact us and we’ll do our best to get back to you and provide an answer or point you in the right direction of finding the information you seek.

Since we are community focused we do not prohibit any topics of conversation no matter how taboo they are considered by the rest of the doll collecting world.This is a safe haven to ask questions without judgement or snark and we do hope you’ll accept our invitation to share your thoughts, photos and feelings with us. Ultimately our hope is to provide a sanctuary where people can research and investigate Volks dolls without exclusive membership or linguistic barrier.

Please note that while we are a Volks centered blog we absolutely 100% support all doll artists and the wonderful products they create. This is a place of love and respect for the Volks brand and the doll community. We do hope you enjoy your stay and please do visit us often.

TENSHINOMONpoint <– One other note: When you see the “Wing Point!” icon in a factual or information post it offers helpful insight into the world of ‘Super Dollfie’. Please keep an eye out and look forward to it!


Thank you!


We are in no way affiliated with Volks INC and our opinions are only our own and not reflective of the Volks company or any of their affiliates or brands.
All images used on our pages will come with image credits and links back to the original artists. If one of our credits is incorrect or you wish it to be removed, please contact us and we will take action immediately.

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