Moving Your Doll Internationally

moving-truck-featured-image-iconMy doll collection began like everyone’s doll collection: small. “I’ll only have one special doll.” Time passed. ” Okay, I’ll have two special dolls: one in resin and one in vinyl.” Then it was: “well, I want to try a new size of doll.” So on and so forth until I found myself looking at a collection of 20+ dolls.

It’s a slippery slope.

At one point in time the resale market for dolls seemed to be more active and reliable and as time has passed and I have amassed more dolls, resale also began to slow. I’ve always been a collector so I try to enjoy the products while keeping boxes, dolls- everything pristine. I am aware it makes me kind of a boring person in the doll hobby but I love display and curation- that’s how I enjoy this hobby.

It’s also a deadly combination for people who move frequently.

When my partner and I decided to move to the other side of the world it also became obvious that I would have to find a solution for taking care of these dolls and shipping them a significant distance via cargo without damage. Here’s what I did and hopefully you can benefit from my experience too.

Guide For Shipping Your Dolls Via Cargo Container:

  • Get ready to annoy some movers. If you have people to come and pack your cargo container supervise your dolls and how they are loaded. I made the movers very unhappy by telling them how fragile the dolls were. They were even upset that they didn’t pack them themselves and indicated they couldn’t know how to stack them in the cargo container if they couldn’t unpack everything and pack it themselves. Bullsh*t. Be ready to stick to your guns, pack your dolls how you feel comfortable and tell those movers how to pack them in the container (while still beign polite of course!)
  • Invest in a significant amount of bubble wrap. This was more difficult and expensive than I thought and there is tons of different grades of bubble wrap. You might be able to find everything you need at a Lowes or Home Depot but it may also require significant supplementation from online resources like Amazon.
  • Emergency Mylar Blankets. These help insulate (a person or) a doll in extreme hot or cold. This was one of the best pieces of advice I received. Cargo containers can become very hot or very cold depending on their shipping route so it’s super important to provide some sort of insulation for your dolls. These are sheer, reflective and help normalize the temperature of whatever is wrapped inside. They’re pretty affordable and worth the investment if you are planning a long move. You can find them on Amazon.
  • Shipping boxes. Didn’t you save everything your dolls were ever shipped in? Probably not. Time to purchase some shipping grade boxes to repack your dolls boxes if you care about that sort of thing.

My over all packing protocol was:

doll>facemask + headremoval>bubblewrap>original box>another layer of bubble wrap>first packing box> then packed into a larger box with another doll and more bubble wrap. The movers then evaluated my finished boxes and reenforced them where they thought necessary.


It took me two days of work to pack everything up but it was well worth it when everything arrived safe and sound. I wish you many safe journeys and safe trips with your dolls as well. If you have any further questions then please leave them in the comments or contact us directly!







One thought on “Moving Your Doll Internationally

  1. That’s a great tip, to use the mylar blankets. . . I haven’t needed to ship a doll yet, but do travel by car and sometimes the vehicle gets very hot. Going to wrap her in an emergency blanket next time for sure!


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