❀A Tour of Tenshi no Sato❀

Ah, Tenshi no Sato. The cradle of Super Dollfies and the origin of ‘Super Dollfie Culture’.

It is a dream for many to complete a pilgrimage to this sacred place where our favorite Volks Dolls originate and artists create. We are super lucky to be able to share this post. Volks enthusiast Keripo of the blog Keripo’s Corner was able to visit Tenshi no Sato in 2013 and captured the most amazing images of what the facility is truly like. His images not only capture the beauty of the building but also the very real moment to moment adventure that is visiting Tenshi no Sato. I invite you to enjoy the follow imagery with addition information adapted (and added to) from the DoA Tenshi no Sato informational page. DoA information is quoted next to the Point! graphics in these pages.

A very large ‘thank you’ to everyone who has made this post possible. It is because of contributions such as these that gives Tenshinomon.com meaning. ❤

… and with that, let’s go to Tenshi no Sato!



Everything in this post is thanks to Keripo of Keripo’s Corner and Ksusha. Please support their fantastic blogs by clicking the link on any of the pictures above. All Intellectual Property in these posts belongs to Volks Inc. These images are shared to give fans abroad a way to celebrate “Super Dollfie Lifestyle” virtually.