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❀Haname at Tenshi no Sato❀

Ever wondered about the seasonal celebrations at Tenshi no Sato? Patrons of Tenshi no Sato in Japan enjoy special dates for flower viewing, haname (花見), delicious themed snacks for humans and even delicately scaled and lovingly created props for beloved dolls. Yet there’s so much more meaning behind these celebrations to inspire us to take… Continue reading ❀Haname at Tenshi no Sato❀

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Volks Prototype: Dollfie Icon

This is, admittedly, an older story but one that was not particularly addressed in the various doll forums due to the subject matter… a hybridization of volks styles and product lines: Dollfie Icon. Out of all the news that came from L.A. Dolpa the Dollfie Icon was, perhaps, my favorite lead. It was mentioned only… Continue reading Volks Prototype: Dollfie Icon

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✬Water Slide Decal Tutorial✬

Do you have a SDGr Belldandy? DD Mike Hatsune? DD Beatrice or MDD Maria? All these Volks dolls have something very special in common: they all require waterslide decals to complete their characters. This is a particular scary proposition for SDGr Belldandy as her decals require installation upon her face-up. If you were lucky enough… Continue reading ✬Water Slide Decal Tutorial✬

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HT Kyoto 15 D’COORD Models Go!

Good news for Dollfie Dream fans eagerly awaiting the next round of D’COORD dolls- they’ve been announced this morning. Interestingly enough on the official announcement page there are ones labels D’COORD and ones clearly labeled ‘Dream Choice’. My only guess is that Volks is using the HT Kyoto15 to showcase what is possible with the… Continue reading HT Kyoto 15 D’COORD Models Go!

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✧ Volks VIP Membership ✧

Have you ever wondered what exactly Volks VIP Membership is? I know I’ve always wanted to know. It seems like this unattainable, magical status that has so many awesome benefits. I think it’s literally the golden gate to becoming completely enmeshed in ‘Volks Super Dollfie Culture’. Of course -since it is a line of credit-… Continue reading ✧ Volks VIP Membership ✧